Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Waterside: Retaliation?

Even before First 11 to Hythe launches, Bluestar are planning their response. They have registered route and timetable changes to their main Waterside routes, the 8 and 9, to take effect from 4th November. The biggest change is that the 8 will be extended to Calshot.

Will the 8 still serve Marchwood though? Surely Hampshire County Council will be withdrawing their subsidy from the 8 now that First has decided to serve Marchwood commercially. Also, the extension to Calshot could suggest a change to the H3. We've heard whispers (as yet unconfirmed, I should add) that the H1, H2 and H3, currently operated by Bluestar under contract to Hampshire County Council, might soon be passed by HCC to First.

More as and when we get it.


  1. Ah the H1 and H2 - a shadow of their former selves. They derive from a Hythe hoppa type service every TEN MINUTES end to end (although the two sections almost touched each other) back in the 80's (?) and have now dwindled to every TWO HOURS either way round a circular. I wonder how that happened - was it poor service or poor promotion or just the inexorable march of the motor car?

  2. Check out the HCC website as there are details of the winners of the recent tender round in a report on there and confirms that First have won the contracts for the H1, H2 & H3. Of course if, or how, they are affected by the subsequent Bluestar service changes is still to be accertained.

  3. Can you share the link please to that HCC website report?

  4. http://www3.hants.gov.uk/councilmeetings/advsearchmeetings/meetingsitemdocuments.htm?sta=&pref=Y&item_ID=4117&tab=2

  5. It looks like the Bluestar Calshot section is to remain just the existing peak hour service.

    The Hythe local services have never produced many passengers. Before Hampshire Bus launched the minibus experiment there had been a period of around three years with no service after the original Hants & Dorset service faded away around 1980.