Friday, 28 September 2012

Focus on Townhill Park / Bluestar 16 launches this weekend

Choice comes to Townhill Park this Sunday in the shape of Bluestar 16. To commemorate the occasion, here's a summary of what the choice will be.

Here's a map of First's routes in the area:

The 2 runs to town via Bitterne, Merry Oak and Woolston every 20 mins Mon-Sat daytimes, 30 mins Sunday daytimes and hourly in the evenings - timetable here. The 7 runs via Portswood and Bevois Valley every 10 mins Mon-Sat daytimes, 20 mins Sunday daytimes and hourly in the evenings - current timetable here, although the frequency will be increased from 7th October. On top of that you have the 8/8A/8B along Townhill Way (the blue line above) and the 2A turning off at the Big Cheese roundabout.

Bluestar 16 will run to this route and this timetable. with a frequency of every 20 mins Mon-Sat daytimes, 30 mins Sunday daytimes and 30 mins Mon-Sats early evenings. No late evening services however.

Turning now to the fares. Single fares have long been protected by the Official Secrets Act, so we can only compare the day tickets that are available to Townhill Parkers from each company:

Also this weekend, there are new timetables from Sunday on Velvet C1, C2 (minor changes) and E8 (the Sunday service is increased to hourly).

More changes follow on Monday (see the green panel on the right). More details on those in the next post.


  1. Speaking as an occasional visitor to Southampton I understand that the TIC has 'moved'. Where do I now go - next weekend - to pick up current timetable leaflets?

  2. The library has the TIC downstairs "hidden away" inside it. Also, try the Blue Star box in Bargate area, or Firstbus office in Pound Tree rd

  3. I remember when the TIC was Above Bar in a kind of cabin. The useful publicity outlet has gradually been pushed further out of where the public can see it,and is now poorly stocked and a great shame it is too. The staff were very knowledgeable about public transport,but a large city such as Southampton seems to forget it has visitors !