Sunday, 23 November 2014

Xela X5 new timetable tomorrow / Salisbury cuts on the way

Xelabus X5 gets a new timetable tomorrow, but look what's still on Xelabus's website (the yellow highlight is mine):

The new timetable is on Traveline and you can see it now here.

As many of you have already noticed, Salisbury Reds have released the new timetable for the X7, which will start from 4th January 2015. Some journeys are cut and some are diverted via Romsey to replace the axed route 34. The cuts to this main route between Southampton and Salisbury really are quite significant, so if you use it, it's worth comparing the current and new timetables and making sure you're prepared for the changes.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cuts latest: Boyatt Wood boost / Solent Go launches city multi-operator ticket

More details have emerged about the cuts being imposed by Hampshire County Council. They will take effect from Sunday 4th January 2015. Initial details in this previous post. These are the details that are new:

Bluestar have already released new timetables for the 5 and 6. The 5 is extended to Boyatt Wood, replacing the E1 and E2, a shrivelled up version of which is moving to another, yet to be revealed, operator. Boyatt Wood's half-hour frequency will now last for most of the day, which is a frequency increase.

More have released the new timetables for the X1, X2 and 119. There will no longer be any buses between Lymington and Bournemouth on Sundays.

Xelabus have given details of the changes to their services, but the timetables are not out yet. The C3, C4 and X7 are merged into a new X6/X7 service. The X4 will no longer serve Fleming Park in the evenings. The X1, X2 anxd X3 get new timetables too. The X5 has some early changes on 24th November.

In other news, you've no doubt spotted that the multi-operator Solent Travelcard has become Solent Go, but the regional ticket price has remained the same. From Sunday, a Southampton City Solent Go will be available for £5. Valid within the city boundary plus to West End, it will allow you to travel on the buses of any operator without having to pay for the full regional Solent Go ticket.