Sunday, 18 August 2013

Changes on the way / War in Townhill Park escalates / Bluestar 3 withers further

We have a few changes coming up over the next few weeks. Here's a quick summary:

From 1st September, there are some minor changes to Stagecoach 32, 33, 66 and 69. It looks like these are mainly to journeys serving schools and colleges. Click the route numbers above for the new timetables. Also, the summer season ends and with it Velvet M. More 112 reverts back to its usual almost useless timetable.

On 2nd September, Wheelers W1 gets its first amendment, but it's for the better.

  • New additional short journeys are added between Romsey and Woodley
  • The 0700 weekday journey from Romsey is retimed to depart at 0650
  • The 1740 Mon-Sat journey from Romsey to Halterworth is extended all the way to Southampton
  • There's a new 0738 weekday journey from Southampton to Romsey
  • Most journeys from Southampton will now leave at 40 past the hour (previously xx38)
  • The 1740 from Southampton, which currently only runs as far as North Baddesley, is extended all the way to Romsey

See the full new timetable here. Plus, Wheelers are happy for potential customers to know how much their fares are before they travel! This really should not be a rare thing in the bus industry, but sadly it is, so well done to Wheelers, Velvet and Unilink for setting the standard. See the W1's fares here.

On the same day, there are minor changes to Bluestar 1 and 5 (details here) and Salisbury Reds 34. Click the route numbers to see the new timetables.

9th September sees changes to all of Xelabus's routes in Eastleigh, including the X7, which is the only one for which the new timetable is currently available.

15th September is the last day of the New Forest Tour for this year. Plus there are changes to More X1.

22nd September sees several changes to some of Bluestar and Unilink's routes. Details here. Here's a summary. Click on the route numbers for the new timetables and route info, where available:

  • 1: Minor changes
  • 3: All journeys will run via Turnpike Way. Evening journeys withdrawn and Sunday service cut to just 4 journeys.
  • E1/E2: Minor changes. Some journeys will run through to Romsey as the 5.
  • 5: Minor changes. Some journeys will run through to Winchester as the E1/E2.
  • 16: Frequency increased and route changed to more directly take on First 7. Bevois Valley will be served instead of Stag Gates and buses will run round the Midanbury/Townhill Park loop used by First. Retaliation for First 2's attacks on Bluestar 18 in Millbrook?
  • 18: Minor changes.
  • U1: Some journeys will terminate at the Wide Lane/Mansbridge Road roundabout during university term times, enabling a higher frequency between there and the city centre.
  • U2: Minor route changes in Bassett Green and the city centre.
  • U6: Minor changes.