Thursday, 4 June 2020

Frequencies up, capacity down

Most of our region's bus operators increased their timetables to something approaching 'normal' from the start of this week. What isn't back to normal is the capacity of each bus. To ensure social distancing, many seats are out of use, meaning that each bus can carry about 25% of the number of passengers it is designed for.

As a result, bus travel is still reserved for essential travel only. See the tips and bus company links in our previous post.

First have announced an enhancement to their app which will enable passengers to see how full approaching buses are before they arrive. Sounds great if they can get it working right.

Xelabus start resuming their services from Monday 8th June. From that date, the X4 will run a Saturday service six days a week. Two weeks later, on 22nd June, the X6/X7 resume with a special timetable and the X9/X10 start again with a Saturday service six days a week. All other routes resume on 6th July, with the X11 having a Saturday service six days a week.

First Wessex have further changes to routes 1, 10, X51 and X53 in and around Weymouth and Dorchester from Sunday 7th June.