Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bluestar conquers New Forest / Nightbus network changes

Bluestar have announced more changes to their services as from 27th February, in addition to those mentioned in the post below:
W&D 56/56A (City Centre-Lymington) are withdrawn and replaced by Bluestar 6, which will always run to the old 56A route, giving a greatly improved service to Rushington and Foxhills. This leaves W&D with only the X7 to/from Salisbury still running into Southampton.
8 (City Centre-Hythe): New timetable.
10/11 (City Centre-Cadnam): New timetable.
12 (City Centre-Calmore): New timetable.
18 (Millbrook-Thornhill): New timetable with an increased Mon-Sat daytime frequency of 7/8 minutes. That's 8 buses an hour, up from the current 6.
N3 (Leisure World-Hedge End) replaces the current N6 and is rerouted to serve Bitterne Park and Oaklands.
N9 (London Road-Waterside): Route & timetable change.
N12 (London Road-West Totton): Route & timetable change.
N16 (London Road-Netley): Route & timetable change.
N18 (London Road-Sholing): Route & timetable change. Extended to Sholing.
N19 (London Road-Lordshill): Route & timetable change.

The new timetables are available here.

Velvet S2 (City Centre-Millbrook Tesco/Shirley) is rerouted to serve the new Adelaide Health Centre near Millbrook Tesco, also from 27th February.

Oh, and First have jacked their fares up yet again.