Sunday, 29 March 2015

Paulton's Park & Marwell Zoo by bus this summer!

Xelabus have announced a direct bus from Southampton to Paulton's Park. Route X24 starts on 23rd May and will start from Bitterne, running through the city centre on its way to Paulton's. We'll let you know as soon as the timetable is released. It will be a useful alternative to Salisbury Reds X7.

First M1 starts on Good Friday, providing the seasonal link between Eastleigh bus and railway stations and Marwell Zoo. Timetable here.

First M2 launches on 3rd May and will run from Lordshill, via the city centre providing Southampton's first direct link to Marwell Zoo in years. We'll let you know once the timetable is out.

This is definitely the summer to take a few days out by bus!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

More Woolston routes divert from Monday

First X4 and X5 have a route and timetable change from Monday 16th March.

The main change is a weekday morning peak diversion on journeys towards Southampton. Because the traffic on Portsmouth Road is so bad approaching Woolston, all X4 and X5 buses due to arrive in Southampton between 0700 and 0930 will divert as follows via Weston Lane and Archery Road:

At those times, the last stop to be served as normal is Laxton Close on Upper Weston Lane:

After the diversion, buses rejoin the usual route at Itchen Bridge Link Road:

The following stops will have no X4 or X5 buses towards the City Centre at those times:

Wrights Hill: the 5 and 6 will still stop here

The Swan: with the 6 having its own peak diversion (see below), only the 5 will still be stopping here in the weekday morning rush hours.

St Annes Road: the three and 5 will still be stopping here.

Fort Road: the three and 5 will still stop here in the rush hours.

Woolston Library: only the three and 5 will stop in the weekday morning peak:

Buses on route 6 due to arrive in the City Centre between 0730 and 0900 are already diverting away from Portsmouth Road as follows via Radstock Road:

See the new all-stops timetables here: X4 X5.