Monday, 12 February 2018

Yellow numbers to return

Last January (2017), Yellow Buses revamped their entire network throughout Bournemouth and Poole. Route numbers were replaced by lettered 'lines', with the routes identified by a letter and a number. The burghers of Bournemouth have spoken and from 8th April this year, many of the changes are reversed. The lettered lines are replaced by numbers again, although some of them will still have 'a' versions (1a, 4a etc).

Here's how the new network will look from April:

Compared to the current network, this is slightly cut down. Bournemouth Airport is cut off from public transport and West Moors loses its Yellow link. Some of the council-funded routes are up for retender, so Yellow might retain them or they could go to another operator depending on what the councils decide.

Here's the current network, running since September 2017:

This is what the current lines looked like in April 2017:

Before the lines were introduced, this was how the numbered network looked prior to January 2017:

Timetables will be out in a few weeks, but the frequencies for the new routes are shown here.

At the same time, the Route One ticket is being withdrawn, which will present fare payers on some routes with a price rise.