Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Timetable changes, night buses to Calmore & diversions

Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) is currently diverted in West End due to a collapsed sewer near Tesco Express.

Leigh Road will be closed towards Eastleigh from Monday 4th January for an unspecified amount of time, meaning diversions to Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green), and C1/C2/C3 (Eastleigh-Hiltingbury).

Also from 4th January, St Cross Road will be closed. Links on the right and in previous posts detail the planned diversions on Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester) and Stagecoach 69 (Winchester-Fareham). Velvet have advised details of the diversion to routes E1/E2/E3 (Eastleigh-Winchester), which is very kind of them seeing as they only run the E2 on Sundays, which will have a special timetable during the diversion. The E is run by Bluestar the rest of the week and will be following the same diversion as Velvet.

will be withdrawing the B1 (Bitterne-Sholing), B2 (Bitterne-Midanbury), B3 (Bitterne Circular) and 21 (RSH Hospital-Hillyfields) as of 7th February with no replacements currently in sight. On the same day, there will be timetable and some route changes to the 5 (City Centre-Lordshill North), 8 (Lordshill-Townhill Park), 8A (Lordshill-Hedge End Station), 10/10A (Lordshill-Thornhill), and 11A/11C/12A/12C/13 (City Centre-Sholing). This is in addition to the previously announced changes to routes 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park), 4 (City Centre-Totton) and 9 (City Centre-Hightown). Details to follow.

Bluestar will have new timetables from 21st February on routes 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak), 3 (City Centre-Botley), 4 (City Centre-Romsey), 8 (City Centre-Hythe), 9 (City Centre-Waterside), N18 (Leisure World-Hedge End night bus) and F (Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham). Details to follow.

Night buses return to Calmore from 26th February with Bluestar N12.

Monday, 28 December 2009

First lose 14 to Bluestar & 22 to Velvet

There are some big changes coming on several routes which are subsidised by Southampton City Council: First have lost the contracts to run the 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) and 22 (RSH Hospital-Lordshill). The 14 will transfer to Bluestar on 7th February, details of any route/timetable changes are still to be announced. The 22 will transfer to Velvet on 8th February with a new timetable and a curtailed route between the City Centre and Millbrook Tesco, no longer serving RSH Hospital, Upper Shirley, General Hospital, Lordswood or Lordshill.

Velvet will also have new timetables on the A and C from 21st February.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Icy weather & xmas changes

Several routes have been affected by the icy weather the last couple of days. There have been several diversions and cancellations. Full marks to Bluestar and Velvet for using their Facebook pages to give frequent updates on diversions to their routes. Appalling service though from First, whose website details many diversions in Portsmouth but ignores Southampton completely. You can forgive small local operators like Brijan Tours for not having the resources to post frequent updates online (although Velvet manage it somehow with a similar sized network), but a huge multinational like First has absolutely no excuse. I find it quite hard to believe there was no disruption to First's So'ton routes today at all. Even Stagecoach had the sense to use their website to advise that most of their services out of Winchester were disrupted.

A quick reminder that from Xmas Eve to New Year's Day inclusive, all bus routes will be running to different service levels than normal. Full details covering all operators are in the green panel on the right.

Don't forget that from Thursday, Cobden Bridge will be partly closed. First 3 (City Centre - Townhill Park) will be suspended and replaced with the 3B running via Northam Bridge. Unilink U9's (Townhill Park-General Hospital) morning journey will divert via Chartwell Green and Mansbridge, therefore not serving St Denys or Portswood, with the afternoon return journey unaffected.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Stoneham Lane diversion & forthcoming changes summary

Bluestar 2 is diverted again due to a last-minute closure of Stoneham Lane. Buses are running via Stoneham Way non-stop between the Concorde Club and Swaythling McDonalds.

Night service Unilink U1N (Leisure World-Airport) now has lower fares for journeys starting at of after the University's Highfield Interchange. The new flat fare from that point to the Airport is £1.50.

Bluestar have announced more details of the forthcoming diversions to the 1 (City Centre-Winchester) that start on 4th January.

Some changes to First 26 (Hedge End-Fareham) from 17th January. Details to be announced.

Timetable & possible route changes to First 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park), 4 (City Centre-Totton) and 9 (City Centre-Hightown) from 7th February. Details to be announced. It also looks like the 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) will be withdrawn on the same date.

Bluestar are now posting updates on Twitter.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Diversions in Bellemoor & Millbrook / Velvet xmas

First 5 (City Centre-Lordshill North) will be diverted in Bellemoor by the closure of Raymond Road on 14th December between 9am and 4pm only. It will run in both directions via Hill Lane and Wilton Road, not serving stops on Raymond Road, St James Road or Upper Shirley Avenue.

First 17 (City Centre-Lordshill) and 21 (RSH Hospital-Hillyfields) are currently affected by resurfacing work on Lower Brownhill Road and Mansel Road West in the northern part of Millbrook. 17 is diverting from The Saints via Windermere Avenue, Wimpson Lane and Romsey Road, rejoining the usual route on Upper Brownhill Road in both directions. First detail a diversion for the 21 which, according to their route map, is the usual route anyway. If you know what's going on with the 21, please get in touch: As usual, First have neglected to say how long this goes on for.

Velvet have announced their plans for Christmas and New Year. A full summary of what all bus companies in the area are doing over the festive period is in the panel on the right.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Cobden Bridge closure, last xmas Bluestars, extra 46 & U9, cheap Velvet

Bluestar have announced the times of the last buses on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, when services will end around 2000. Click here for the exact times.

have announced what's happening with the 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park) while Cobden Bridge will be closed from 24th December until 10th January. It'll be withdrawn and replaced by the temporary service 3B running from Portswood into town, then via Northam Bridge and Bullar Road to join the usual route at Bitterne Triangle towards Townhill Park. The timetable for the 3B is here. The 3 should resume on 11th January.

Stagecoach have some changes on 4th January. On the 46 (City Centre-Winchester), the 1640 departure from Winchester will have 2 buses as far as Hiltingbury to help ease overcrowding. One of those buses will then continue to the General Hospital. The 69 (Winchester-Fareham) will be diverted due to the roadworks in St Cross for about three months. While Bluestar 1, E1 and E2 will go via Badger Farm, Stagecoach 69 will divert via Bar End and Morestead.

Unilink U9 (Townhill Park-General Hospital) will have a second journey towards the General Hospital starting 11th January. It will leave Townhill Park at 0711, with the current 0731 service continuing to run. Full timetable here. Still only one return journey in the afternoon though.

If you live on a Velvet route and want one of their day tickets for 50p, go to their Facebook page and follow the instructions.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

St Denys delays, St Cross closures & Salisbury views

First have complained to Southampton City Council about roadworks in St Denys causing delays to the 3 (City Centre - Townhill Park), especially towards town in the mornings. Expect delays.

Bluestar 1 (City Centre - Winchester), E1/E2 (Eastleigh - Winchester), and Stagecoach 69 (Winchester - Fareham) will be affected by the closure of St Cross Road in St Cross for works to the railway bridge from 4th January. Bluestar will be diverting via Badger Farm. Stagecoach haven't advised their plans yet. The work is expected to last three months.

First 72 (City Centre - Gosport) and 80 (City Centre - Fareham) might be getting a new timetable and route from 17th January. It could just be the end of the current Titchfield diversion. Details to be announced.

Wilts & Dorset are consulting on planned changes to their routes serving Salisbury, including the X7 (City Centre - Salisbury), scheduled to take effect in February. Click here for their plans and to give them your views.