Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hythe Ferry & several bus routes under threat / Diversion confusion

Hampshire County Council are looking to save more money by cutting subsidies to several bus routes. The Hythe Ferry, which has run continuously for the best part of a millennium, is also under threat. The Daily Echo has compiled a list of all the routes under threat here. Once decisions are made, we'll keep you informed of which cuts will hit where.

First have advised of a diversion to several of their Woolston routes, due to the closure of Central Bridge. But hang on, don't all of Woolston's buses (with the exception of the 5 via Chapel) run via Ocean Village rather than Central Bridge? First's route map certainly seems to think so:

No word from Bluestar on this road closure, because presumably they've checked where their 3 runs.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Velvet to vanish? / Totton evening buses diverted

Last week, the Daily Echo carried the following headline on their website:

But the story was quickly denied by Velvet on their Facebook page:

This later story in the Echo explains what has happened. Velvet wanted to sell, Xela wanted to buy. A deal was signed, but then Xela exercised their right to withdraw from the deal at the last minute. This now raises the question of whether Velvet is still for sale and who else might be interested.

In other news, there are evening diversions to Bluestar's Totton services for three weeks. Services away from Southampton won't serve stops on Waterloo Road, at Millbrook Station or on Millbrook Road West as far as Regents Park Road after 8pm each night. Buses will divert via Shirley Road, Park Street and Regents Park Road. Routes 8, 9, 11 and 12 are affected, but journeys towards town are not. Ignore that, the roadworks have been indefinitely postponed.