Friday, 17 December 2010

First evening cuts, Sholing bucks trend / Dorset Sprinter dead

We start with confirmation that 31st December 2010 will the last day of operation on Dorset Sprinter X5 (City Centre-Ringwood). The way the government is going round cutting all they can, I fear this won't be the first example of a major town being cut off from Southampton's bus network.

First have two waves of timetable changes in January, starting on the 23rd with changes to the 80 (City Centre-Fareham), of which details are still to be released. The second wave, on 30th January 2011, affects the following routes:
1 (City Centre-Weston): Mon-Sat evening service cut to hourly after 2100. Last bus from town will be 30 mins earlier than now at 2317.
3 (City Centre-Townhill Park): Sunday evening services cut, with the last bus from town now at 2040 (previously 2240).
4 (City Centre-Totton): Mon-Sat peak and evening services cut, with last bus from town now at 1740 weekdays and 1735 Saturdays.
7 (City Centre-Bassett Green): Saturday last bus from town now an hour earlier at 2210. Sunday evening services withdrawn, last bus now at 1805 (was 2310). Not a big disaster as Bluestar 2 and Unilink U1 & U6 serve most of this route.
11A/12C (City Centre-Sholing): More evening buses via Bitterne, last one leaving town at 2245 every day (was 1945).
17A (City Centre-Lordshill): Mon-Sat evening service cut to hourly after 2100, with the last bus leaving town at 2301 (was 2331).

Don't forget the green panel on the right is your at-a-glance comprehensive guide to all Christmas and New Year bus services across all operators in the region. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow chaos

It's madness out there. The weather means that bus schedules are almost being rewritten every hour at the moment, so before travelling check with the operator's website or Facebook page, just to be sure that your bus will be running. Links are in the red panel on the right, below the green service changes panel.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ringwood cut off / Xmas plans

It looks like Dorset Sprinter X5 (City Centre-Ringwood) will cease running after 31st December. It is not yet clear whether there will be any replacement, but we'd suggest that one is unlikely. It's obviously not making money as a commercial service and the county council are looking to cut their transport subsidies. Soon, the only way to get to Ringwood without a car could well be either National Express or by getting a train to Bournemouth and then a bus from there.

Bluestar and Unilink have revealed their xmas plans. I'll compile details from them and all other bus companies as I get them, in the panel on the right.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Above Bar diversions / Velvet Christmas

The top bit of Above Bar Street will be closed in both directions between Civic Centre Road and Cumberland Place this Friday and Saturday evenings after 1800, so all buses that use that section will be diverted. First explain their plans for Portswood and Shirley-bound services here.

Velvet have made their Christmas and New Year plans already. Highlights are a Saturday service on Bank Holiday Tuesday 28th December and a Sunday service on New Year's Day 1st January.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

First 17 to Adanac / Free buses in Eastleigh

From 14th November, First 17 (City Centre-Lordshill) will divert to serve the Ordnance Survey's new offices at Adanac Park. There seems to be some confusion over whether the diverted journeys will be numbered 17 or 17B. First's website has timetables featuring both versions.

Eastleigh gets some free shoppers' buses from 22nd November. They will run on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays until 31st December only and offer three routes with an hourly service between 0900 and 1600:
X1 Tesco Eastleigh-Bus Station-Bishopstoke
X2 Tesco Eastleigh-Bus Station-Allbrook-Boyatt Wood
X3 Tesco Eastleigh-Bus Station-North Stoneham
The exact routes to be taken aren't detailed, so there's an element of mystery as to which roads will actually be served.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Bluestar timetable changes

Don't forget First's timetable changes mentioned in the previous post come into force on Sunday.

A week later, on 31st October, Bluestar make a few minor timing changes to routes 1 (City Centre-Winchester), 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) and 4 (City Centre-Romsey). The main change is that the 1 now has a later departure from town to Winchester at 2350 Mondays to Saturdays.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

First cut details

The spur road from Commercial Road into Havelock Road in town is closed until approximately Spring 2012, so Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester), 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) and 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) as well as Unilink U2 (City Centre-Bassett Green) are following these diversions on journeys towards the City Centre.

First have announced details of the changes to their services taking effect on 24th October. Click on the route numbers for the new timetables:
1/1A (City Centre-Weston): Slashed to hourly on Sunday evenings.
7/7A (City Centre-Bassett Green/Millbrook Tesco): Slashed from half-hourly to hourly on Sunday daytimes. Other minor changes.
8 (Lordshill-Townhill Park): Divorced from the 8A. Now runs every 10 minutes between Lordshill and City Centre, every 20 mins to Townhill Park. Route alterations in Merry Oak and Aldermoor in the evenings. Other minor changes.
8A (City Centre-Hedge End Station): Divorced from the 8, no longer runs beyond City Centre to Lordshill. New timetable. No longer serves Rose Bowl. Some journeys run to Central Station.
16 (City Centre-Hamble): Timetable change. Some journeys divert via City College instead of Ocean Village.
17/17A (City Centre-Lordshill): Slashed to hourly on Sunday evenings.
26 (Hamble-Fareham): Extends to Hamble, replacing the 16A and representing a substantial cut in frequency on that section of route.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Unilink U1, U6: new timetables from Sunday

Unilink have unveiled new timetables starting this Sunday 26th September. U1 (Dock Gate 4-Airport) is increased to every 10 minutes weekday daytimes. U6 (Dock Gate 4-General Hospital) will no longer serve Ocean Village or Leisure World and weekend daytime journeys will no longer run to Dock Gate 4, terminating instead at West Quay.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First & Bluestar timetable changes in October

As well as the routes listed in the previous post, more timetable changes are on the way for the following bus services:

24th October:
First 1/1A (City Centre-Weston)
First 7/7A (City Centre-Bassett Green/Millbrook Tesco)
First 17/17A (City Centre-Lordshill)
First 72 (City Centre-Gosport)
The previously mentioned changes to route A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) will affect the Mon-Sat evening journeys operated by First only. Velvet's daytime and Stagecoach's Sunday journeys on the A won't be affected.

31st October:
Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester)
Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak)
Bluestar 4 (City Centre-Romsey)
Bluestar 9 (City Centre-Waterside)
Bluestar 18 (Millbrook-Hightown)

More details as and when the bus companies make them available.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cuts for Ringwood & Hursley, changes in Hedge End

Dorset Sprinter X5 (City Centre-Ringwood) has been cut again with a new timetable that started on Monday 6th September. It's down from 5 to 4 journeys a day each way on weekdays. On Saturdays there are now only 3 journeys from Ringwood to Southampton. Also notable is the withdrawal of the 0735 journey from Ringwood to Southampton which now makes it impossible for people in Ringwood to commute into Southampton on the X5 for a 9-5 job, leaving National Express as their only alternative to the car.

First 24 (City Centre-Hursley) will be withdrawn from Sunday 17th October, leaving IBM's staff with no direct bus link to Southampton for the first time in decades. IBM will run a minibus to connect with Bluestar 1 at Chandlers Ford. Another alternative is Stagecoach 46 (City Centre-Winchester), which has a bus leaving Southampton City Centre at 0654 and back from Hursley (Post Office, not IBM) towards So'ton at 1705 and 1808 although the evening ones only run as far as the General Hospital, not all the way into town.

A few changes due on 24th October 2010:
Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) will have a minor timetable change.
First 8A (Lordshill-Hedge End Station) will have a route and timetable change.
First 16 (City Centre-Hamble) will have a timetable change.
First 16A (City Centre-Hedge End) will be withdrawn and replaced between Hamble and Hedge End by an extended route 26.
First 26 (Fareham-Hedge End) will be extended to Hamble to replace the 16A.
More details to follow on those.

The diversions to Bluestar 4 (City Centre-Romsey) in Maybush have ended early and it is now back to its normal route.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Diversions: Otterbourne, Swaythling & Polygon / Velvet 22 slashed / Fares up

The main road through Otterbourne will be closed on 18th, 19th, 20th, 23rd and 24th August, meaning diversions via the M3 for Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester), E2 and E3 (Eastleigh-Winchester).

Swaythling has yet another diversion for next 3 weeks. Until 7th September, the bottom part of Stoneham Lane is closed northbound, so Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) is diverting via Stoneham Way and Bassett Green Road. First 7/7A (City Centre-Bassett Green/Millbrook) will need to divert too, but they've not publicised a diversion. Southbound journeys are not affected by this, but are affected by the ongoing diversion in the box on the right.

Archers Road in The Polygon is closed westbound until approx 24th August, meaning First 5 (City Centre-Lordshill North) is diverting via Wilton Avenue. City-bound journeys are not affected.

More fare rises are on the way. Velvet put theirs up on 29th August and Brijan Tours hike theirs on 1st September.

Two changes to Velvet on Tuesday 31st August:
Route 22 (City Centre-Millbrook Tesco) becomes the S2, with some journeys extending to Northam, but overall there will be fewer buses, especially on Saturdays when the last bus will run some 3 hours earlier than it currently does. There's a slight route change in The Polygon too. Timetable here.
There's a minor change to the C1 (Eastleigh-Hiltungbury) on the same day, but it only affects the 1625 weekday departure from Eastleigh to Hiltingbury.

Monday, 9 August 2010

ConDem rebate cut: First & Bluestar threaten fare rises, Unilink fares already going up.

Bad news for passengers in the Daily Echo tonight. The government wants to cut a fuel duty rebate that bus companies currently receive. If it happens then the operators will have to recoup those losses from somewhere else. First and Bluestar are both quoted as saying that fares could rise by 10% AND some services be cut as a direct result. How many ConDem voters are reliant on the bus I wonder?

As a taste of things to come, Unilink have announced what they call "New fares", which we all ruddy well know is a euphamism for higher fares. And thus on 28th August unto us shall come a price rise to £2 for a single journey and £3 for a Unilink day ticket. This brings about the frankly absurd and possibly unprecedented situation where First might no longer be the most expensive way to get from Swaythling into town.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Overnight diversions: Above Bar Street & North East Road

Two overnight diversions today and tomorrow only:

Above Bar Street will be partially closed 2000-0600 between Civic Centre Road and Commercial Road. First are diverting their affected routes via Civic Centre Road, Havelock Road and Commerical Road to the Cenotaph. The other companies haven't said what they're doing.

North East Road in Sholing will be closed 1900-0600 both nights. First 10A (Lordshill-Thornhill) will run along Kathleen Road, as per route 10.

Both diversions end at 0600 on Thursday morning.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

First 5 diverted in Bellemoor

First 5 (City Centre-Lordshill North) is being diverted in Bellemoor until Saturday. City bound journeys are running from St James Road via South View Road and Wilton Road to Hill Lane. Outbound journeys are not affected.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Minor timetable change to Stagecoach 46 & 66 from 5th September

Stagecoach have announced new timetables on many routes operating out of Winchester from Sunday 5th September. For us, this affects routes 46 (City Centre-Winchester) and 66 (Romsey-Winchester), both of which only have minor changes.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Diversions in Swaythling, Maybush, Bevois Valley and for Skyride

High Road in Swaythling is closed southbound until 20th September. Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) is diverting via Thomas Lewis Way, running non-stop from Market Buildings to Machine Mart. First 7/7A (City Centre-Bassett Green/Millbrook Tesco) are diverting via Burgess Road and Langhorn Road. Bluestar 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) is running direct via Langhorn Road between Burgess Road and Woodmill Lane. Northbound services are not affected.

Romsey Road is closed in Maybush, meaning diversions to Bluestar 4 (City Centre-Romsey) until 13th September.

Sunday 25th July sees Skyride, a mass cycling event, come to Southampton. Many roads will be closed to accommodate the cyclists, meaning diversions to many bus routes. So far only First have made their contingency plans.

Part of Bevois Valley Road will be closed southbound from Monday 26th July until 30th August, meaning diversions for First 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park) and Unilink U6 (Dock Gate 4-General Hospital). Northbound services will not be affected.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer: Unilink diversions, New Forest Tour, First/Citybus memories

Unilink's Highfield Interchange has closed for the summer, meaning diversions and special timetables on all of their routes. The U2 (City Centre-Bassett Green) switches to its less frequent vacation timetable on Sunday 20th June. Night bus U1N (Leisure World-Airport) has already stopped running for the summer. They'll be back to normal from Monday 20th September.

Bluestar's New Forest Tour starts again on Saturday 19th June, running every day until Sunday 12th September inclusive. Times and fares information can be found here. It links Brockenhurst train station and Lyndhurst with Lymington, Beaulieu, the National Motor Museum and Exbury Gardens. If you use Wilts & Dorset routes 56/56A (City Centre-Lymington) or 112 (Hythe-Lymington) to get to the forest, buy your Tour ticket from the driver and your connection is free.

Bluestar 9 (City Centre-Waterside) will be diverted between Applemore and Dibden Purlieu for about a week from Wednesday 23rd June.

First are moving out of their depot in Portswood soon and are looking for your memories of the buses and trams that used to be based there.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

First 26, 72, 80 changes on 6th June

First are changing some of their Fareham and Gosport routes on Sunday 6th June. Here's a summary of the ones that affect us:
26 (Hedge End-Fareham): Minor timetable changes.
72 (City Centre-Gosport): Minor timetable changes. Inbound journeys now run via Queensway instead of High Street.
80 (City Centre-Fareham): Most times changed. Extended to Central Station. Fewer buses on Sundays, starting later and ending earlier.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Bluestar S1 launch / Swanmore diversions

Bluestar have launched a new route today, funded by Southampton City Council (hence the lack of prior publicity). The S1 runs from Shirley to Lordshill via the General Hospital and Lordswood every hour Mon-Sat daytime off-peak only. That's 6 buses a day each way. Details here. Use it while it lasts, because being funded by the council, it could well disappear at any time without warning.

Stagecoach 69 (Winchester-Fareham) is unable to serve Swanmore tomorrow (Tuesday 27th April) due to roadworks in Waltham Chase. Looking at the map suggests that Brijan Tours 8 (Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham) and 17 (Bishops Waltham-Petersfield) might be affected too. Check with them before travelling.

There are forthcoming timetable changes on First 72 (City Centre-Gosport) and 80 (City Centre-Fareham) on 6th June and Unilink U1N (Leisure World-Airport) on 18th June.

Monday, 12 April 2010

New Forest changes / Diversions at Stag Gates, Swaythling & Wrights Hill

There are changes to several New Forest bus services from Sunday 18th April:
W&D 35 (City Centre-Ringwood) is withdrawn. Passengers for Ringwood can use Dorset Sprinter X5 from Southampton or a new Taxishare service from Lyndhurst.
W&D 56/56A (City Centre-Lymington) has a minor timetable change. The 1520 Saturday journey from Lymington will now run at 1527.
W&D 112 (Hythe-Lymington) has a new timetable. Most journeys are retimed, although the 1615 weekday service from Lymington is cancelled. The last weekday bus from Hythe to Lymington will run later at 1803.
W&D X12 (Lymington-Bournemouth) is renumbered X1 and X2 to make it easier to understand which route will be used. New timetable here.

Diversions in Swaythling to Unilink U1 (Dock gate 4-Airport) and Bluestar 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) until Saturday.

No right turn from The Avenue into Lodge Road means diversions to First 7 (City Centre-Bassett Green) for a week from today. It will also affect Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) but they're not currently mentioning it on their website or Facebook page.

There are still diversions in the evening to First 72 (City Centre-Gosport) and 80 (City Centre-Fareham) between Wrights Hill and Lowford. They should be back to normal on Friday.

Bluestar's New Forest Tour gets going for the summer season on 19th June. Full details to follow.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

More regular X7 / Diversions in Swaythling & North Baddesley

Following their timetable changes on 21st March, W&D X7 (City Centre-Salisbury) is now more regular and the 34 (Eastleigh/Romsey-Salisbury) has some timing changes.

Wessex Lane in Swaythling is closed northbound until Monday 19th April. Bluestar 14 (City Centre-Bitterne) and Unilink U1 (Dock Gate 4-Airport) are diverting.

Rownhams Road in North Baddesley is partially closed until Friday 9th April. Stagecoach 46 (City Centre-Winchester) is on diversion. W&D 34/65 (Eastleigh-Romsey/Salisbury) are affected too.

Unilink U2 (City Centre-Bassett Green) is running to its vacation timetable (ie reduced service) until Saturday 17th April.

The St Cross diversion to Bluestar 1 (City Centre-Winchester) and E (Eastleigh-Winchester, including Velvet E2 on Sundays) and Stagecoach 69 (Winchester-Fareham) ends this weekend. Normal routes resume from Thursday 1st April on Stagecoach and Tuesday 6th April on Bluestar.

Dorset Sprinter X5 (City Centre-Ringwood) gets a new timetable on Monday 19th April. Through journeys beyond Ringwood to Bournemouth are withdrawn, as are the recently introduced later journeys on Saturdays.

There's some kind of change on First 11A/11C/12A/12C (City Centre-Sholing) from Sunday 2nd May. More details to follow.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Harefield diversion / New W&D timetables not yet out

Wilts & Dorset have new timetables on routes 34 (Romsey-Salisbury) and X7/X71 (City Centre-Salisbury) from Sunday 21st March. But they haven't made them available yet.

First 9/9A/9B (City Centre-Hightown) are currently diverted in Harefield due to resurfacing.

Bluestar, Unilink and Velvet have all advised that they'll be running a Sunday service on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Dorset Sprinter X5 (City Centre-Ringwood) gets a new timetable on Monday 19th April and Bluestar 12 (City Centre-Calmore) has a slight timetable change on Thursday 22nd April. Details to follow.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bluestar & Velvet new timetables / Co-operation in Hedge End

New timetables start tomorrow on many Bluestar and Velvet routes. Both companies will be co-operating in Hedge End and Botley with Bluestar 3 (City Centre-Botley) and Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) accepting each other's return tickets and offering a co-ordinated timetable between Hedge End Superstores and Botley. Bluestar are also introducing an easy access guarantee on most routes, offering a free day ticket as compensation if you have to travel on a bus that isn't fully accessible to all.

Here's a quick summary of the changes happening tomorrow:

Bluestar 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak): Minor changes to some morning journeys.
Bluestar 3 (City Centre-Botley): Cut from half-hourly to hourly Mon-Sat daytimes. Fewer rush hour buses.
Bluestar 8 (City Centre-Hythe): Timings changed to offer a better combined frequency with Bluestar 10, 11 and 12 between Totton and the City Centre.
Bluestar 9 (City Centre-Waterside): New Sunday timetable with daytime frequency doubled to 2 an hour.
Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green): Weekday daytime timings changed.
Velvet C (Eastleigh-Hiltingbury): New timetables with minor changes to some journeys.
Bluestar F (Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham): Journeys to Marwell Zoo withdrawn. Weekday afternoon 1512 from Swanmore now terminates at Durley instead of continuing to Eastleigh. 0825 Saturday morning journey from Stoke Common to Eastleigh withdrawn.

From Monday 22nd February, Portsmouth Road around Wrights Hill and Sholing will be partially closed overnight from 2000-0600 for around 5 weeks meaning diversions to First 10/10A, 16/16A, 72 and 80. Should end 29th March.

On the weekend of 13th & 14th March, Passfield Road in Eastleigh will be partially closed. Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) will be diverting via Derby Road and Southampton Road instead of serving Fleming Park.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Velvet C temporary timetable / Brockenhurst diversion next week

Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) is no longer on diversion in Eastleigh, but don't forget that the C (Eastleigh-Hiltingbury) is running a temporary timetable until 19th Feb due to the closure of Leigh Road.

Wilts & Dorset 56 & 56A (City Centre-Lymington) will be diverted in Brockenhurst for a week from Monday 15th February. It's due to work being carried out on the railway bridge. Details of the diversion here.

Staying with W&D, there will be timetable and route changes to the 34 (Romsey-Salisbury) and X7/X71 (City Centre-Salisbury) from 21st March. Details to follow.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

New First timetables this Sunday / Velvet C temporary timetable

More details of the changes to First services taking effect with the new timetables on Sunday 7th February:
4 (City Centre-Totton): The last two buses on weekdays will now terminate at Shirley instead of Totton. Reduced to an hourly frequency on Saturdays. Only runs as far as Millbrook Tesco on Sundays, no longer serving Millbrook Roundabout.
5 (City Centre-Lordshill North): Last bus on weekdays now runs at 1828 from town. Reduced to an hourly frequency on Saturdays.
8A (Lordshill-Hedge End): Now runs to Hedge End Superstores on Saturday evenings.
9 (City Centre-Hightown): Evening journeys renumbered 9B terminate at Fairfax Court, no longer serving Hightown.
10 (Lordhill-Thornhill): Some evening journeys numbered 10B extend to Harefield.
11/12/13 (City Centre-Sholing): 13 withdrawn. Fewer evening buses.
Also minor timetable changes on routes 1/1A, 3, 7/7A, 8, 16/16A, 17/17A, 21 and 24.

Velvet A (Eastleigh-Boorley Green) is still diverted in Eastleigh. it's leaving the bus station via Southampton Road and Derby Road to Passfield Avenue, not serving Fleming Park in either direction.

Velvet C (Eastleigh-Hiltingbury) will have a special timetable from 8th to 19th February inclusive, due to the temporary closure of Leigh Road. Full details here.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Cobden Bridge open / Bluestar changes / 15 withdrawn

Cobden Bridge has fully reopened, so First 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park) and Unilink U9 (Townhill Park-General Hospital) are back to normal.

Bluestar have unveiled more details of their timetable changes taking place over the next few weeks. 15 (Bitterne-Weston) will be withdrawn after 6th February, to be replaced by changes to some of First's routes. The new timetable from 21st February for the 3 (City Centre-Botley) is here. A new timetable also for the 8 (City Centre-Hythe) and a new Sunday timetable with more buses on the 9 (City Centre-Waterside). The N18 (Leisure World-Hedge End) will terminate at Thornhill, no longer serving Hedge End. More modern buses will appear on all Bluestar routes that don't currently have them.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cobden Bridge shut for another week / Bluestar 14 timetable out

Cobden Bridge is closed for another week meaning the disruption for First 3 and Unilink U9 (details in the green panel on the right) will continue until Sunday 24th January with normal services planned to resume on Monday 25th January.

Bluestar have released their timetable for the 14 (City Centre-Bitterne), which they take over from First on Monday 8th February. There's actually no change in the timetable currently operated by First on that route. The main difference is a change of bus stops in the city centre.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Weather / Cobden Bridge closure extended / Timetable changes

There is a lot of disruption due to the weather currently. Before travelling, check with the operator's website or Facebook page. Links in the red panel on the right, beneath the green one.

Unilink advise that Cobden Bridge will be closed for another week, so normality on Unilink U9 (Townhill Park-General Hospital) and First 3 (City Centre-Townhill Park) will not now resume until 18th January.

First have revealed minor changes to the 72 (City Centre-Gosport) and 80 (City Centre-Fareham) from 17th January.

More details coming in about Bluestar's changes from 22nd February. The 2 (City Centre-Fair Oak) will have its timetable tweaked. The 3 (City Centre-Botley) is being cut to hourly Mon-Sat daytimes. The F (Eastleigh-Bishops Waltham) will no longer serve Marwell Zoo.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Various diversions & details of First's planned changes

False alarm regarding diversions to Velvet C1, C2 and C3 in Eastleigh. They're not diverted after all. But the A is. Details here.

Bluestar have caught up regarding the St Cross diversion. They have a summary of the diversion here and special temporary timetables for the E1, E2 and E3 here.

Bedford Place is shut for 39 weeks, meaning First 5 is diverting via London Road and Carlton Crescent. It should resume normal route on 30th September 2010.

Dorset Sprinter have finally released the new timetable for the X5 to Ringwood, that started on Saturday. The main change is a new later journey on Saturdays.

First have given details of the changes to their routes happening on Sunday 7th February. Apparently the B1, B2, B3 and 21 won't be withdrawn after all. We'll let you know when the new timetables are out.