Monday, 9 August 2010

ConDem rebate cut: First & Bluestar threaten fare rises, Unilink fares already going up.

Bad news for passengers in the Daily Echo tonight. The government wants to cut a fuel duty rebate that bus companies currently receive. If it happens then the operators will have to recoup those losses from somewhere else. First and Bluestar are both quoted as saying that fares could rise by 10% AND some services be cut as a direct result. How many ConDem voters are reliant on the bus I wonder?

As a taste of things to come, Unilink have announced what they call "New fares", which we all ruddy well know is a euphamism for higher fares. And thus on 28th August unto us shall come a price rise to £2 for a single journey and £3 for a Unilink day ticket. This brings about the frankly absurd and possibly unprecedented situation where First might no longer be the most expensive way to get from Swaythling into town.

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