Monday, 21 December 2009

Icy weather & xmas changes

Several routes have been affected by the icy weather the last couple of days. There have been several diversions and cancellations. Full marks to Bluestar and Velvet for using their Facebook pages to give frequent updates on diversions to their routes. Appalling service though from First, whose website details many diversions in Portsmouth but ignores Southampton completely. You can forgive small local operators like Brijan Tours for not having the resources to post frequent updates online (although Velvet manage it somehow with a similar sized network), but a huge multinational like First has absolutely no excuse. I find it quite hard to believe there was no disruption to First's So'ton routes today at all. Even Stagecoach had the sense to use their website to advise that most of their services out of Winchester were disrupted.

A quick reminder that from Xmas Eve to New Year's Day inclusive, all bus routes will be running to different service levels than normal. Full details covering all operators are in the green panel on the right.

Don't forget that from Thursday, Cobden Bridge will be partly closed. First 3 (City Centre - Townhill Park) will be suspended and replaced with the 3B running via Northam Bridge. Unilink U9's (Townhill Park-General Hospital) morning journey will divert via Chartwell Green and Mansbridge, therefore not serving St Denys or Portswood, with the afternoon return journey unaffected.

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  1. Surely St Denys Bridge, not Cobden Bridge???????