Sunday, 23 September 2012

46 back to Stagecoach / First extend City zone

In the run up to the launch of Bluestar 16, First have extended the validity of their FirstDay City ticket to include all of Townhill Park, Harefield and Thornhill. FirstDay City has a smaller zone and is cheaper than the FirstDay Southampton ticket. Zone details here.

Brijan Tours 7 and 8 both have new timetables from 1st October.

Also on 1st October, Velvet 46 does return to Stagecoach after all, albeit initially only until January.

The part of Above Bar Street between Pound Tree Road and New Road will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 2000 meaning diversions to all routes that normally run there.

Then on Thursday evening after 2000 Bernard Street will be closed, meaning diversions to First 1, 2, 2A and 3.


  1. Brijan's changes will no doubt result in a new version of the usual black and white photocopied sheet appearing at bus stops.They don't even laminate them,so they crumple and fade.One day,they may even get a low floor bus...

  2. now then Mr Blair not a very nice comment to say about the competitors

  3. But Brijan do take the Solent Travelcard unlike Xelabus!

  4. One day Xelabus may stick to running a route for more than a few weeks!

  5. I've just seen a new BJ timetable up at at stop in Fair Oak,and it has been laminated,so someone does listen it seems !

    X-bus,the solution nobody wants to a problem that does not exist?