Thursday, 13 September 2012

HCC Waterside contract changes in November

There are quite a few changes coming up in November, mainly due to Hampshire County Council contract changes. The following take effect from either 4th or 5th November.

Bluestar H1, H2 and H3 are all transferring to First.

Bluestar 10, 11 and 12 are being merged into one route, the 11.

There are also timetable changes on Bluestar routes 1, 3, 4 and 6, plus the T1 and T2 might be disappearing altogether.

Salisbury Reds 36 will transfer to Stagecoach.

Full details as we get them.


  1. While we are talking about changes in HCC contracts.

    Here is an update on the situation with the 46 from Winchester to the General.


    The Velvet drivers claim that their employer has told them not to explain to passengers what is taking place. But the drivers will admit to Velvet finishing on the 4th October even though the Velvet web site still says the 28th September. The drivers have also admitted that
    another unspecified company will then take over for three months from the 5th October.


    The Stagecoach drivers are freely and openly stating that they will be running the 46 for three months from the 5th October. In the meantime the contract will go out to re-tender with whoever wins it taking over.

    I think most of use are longing for the 5th October when Stagecoach come back.

    Somebody seems to have been telling the passengers that Stagecoach are no longer running the peak time 46’s at present. All I can say is that the Stagecoach peak time 9.45 am bus I got on the other day looked very real to me.

    1. This says it all!

    2. It certainly does!

  2. The Hampshire CC report for approving the contracts says the T1/T2 were awarded.

    It says the First 11 to Hythe was registered after the tenders closed. Thus First would have known that they were the lowest bid for the H1/2/3, but not for the 8 & 9. Hence choosing to keep the Hythe local services and connect them to the rest of their network commercially.

  3. Lots of very poorly informed comments on here! T1 and T2 continue with Bluestar. Routes 11 and 12 DO NOT merge, but there will be some exciting developments! Big news coming on the Bluestar response to First 11 through Marchwood. This could become the best served village in Hampshire...for a while!

  4. The Bluestar news is up on all the buses today....Bluestar 8 is being upped to a 30 minute frequency and will now serve Fawley/Calshot and Holbury/Blackfield. Sunday and evening services introduced... Clever response to Firsts 11 route! Bluestar 12 increases frequency to 20 minutes, instead of half hourly. Bluestar replace T1 and T2 with T3 and T4, now serving much of the existing 10 and 11 routes to Woodlands, Winsor and Tatchbury. Bluestar 9 now looping round Kings ride in Langley, instead of going to Langley farm. It all looks very good news for Bluestar, who really seem to have thought it through. As a previous poster put, Marchwood will go from one bus an hour to 3 in each direction!

  5. I've spent some time searching for the registration / timetable for the new T3 / T4 Totton to Cadnam routes (I believe they may be revisions of / extensions to the existing T1 / T2 ex 'Totton Link' services) but cannot find them. Are they perhaps going to be operated by a franchisee so the registration would be under a different operator? (speculation only - perhaps it will be a late registration by Bluestar).