Saturday, 1 September 2012

First 11: It's Marchwood! / Bluestar mobile ticketing

First have released the timetable for route 11 to Hythe, starting 7th October. It will run via Marchwood and Hythe Hospital, even on Sundays. They've also published new timetables from that date for the 7 (in retaliation to Bluestar 16, which coincidentally doesn't have a timetable yet) and the Bitterne Hoppa routes, which are amended to serve North East Road in Sholing.

Bluestar are launching mobile ticketing, enabling smartphone users to buy and store tickets on their phones.

Stoneham Lane will be partly closed for 5 days from Monday, meaning diversions to Bluestar 2.

Next weekend, Bluestar's New Forest Tour will not be serving Beaulieu's National Motor museum, due to an event taking place there and the expectation of heavy volumes of traffic. Can't help thinking they're missing a trick: Maybe traffic wouldn't be so heavy there if people had an alternative to their cars to get them to the museum. It seems barmy to run fewer buses than normal to a destination that lots of people obviously want to go to, especially when the excuse given is that so many people want to go there!

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