Tuesday, 18 June 2013

S1 & S2 changes from 30th June

First S1 and Velvet S2 are changing from 30th June. Here's the S1's current route:

Quite a lot is changing, so let's jump straight to the S1's new route:

It will no longer serve the RSH Hospital, Central Station, Waterloo Road or Millbrook Road. It's also rerouted in Bellemoor to serve Shirley Avenue, Wilton Road and Bellemoor Road.

It then continues around the General Hospital and Lordswood as before, but will no longer serve Lordshill North. It will continue to run hourly between the peaks Mon-Sats.

The S1 can't be looked at in isolation from Velvet S2, also funded by Southampton City Council. Here's how the S2 currently runs:

It will no longer serve Regents Park or Millbrook Tesco, replaced there by the new S1. Here's how the S2 will run from 30th June:

It will now provide an extra link through Bellemoor to the General Hospital. It also extends on the other side of town to the RSH Hospital. Plus it will run on Saturdays.

Here are the new timetables for the S1 and S2.

Next up: Bluestar P1 versus Wheelers W1


  1. OOPS! First timetable for S1 showing!?!

  2. For years First have run the hourly 21/S1 along Waterloo Road/past Millbrook train station. Over the last year this was joined by the every 10 mins Millbrook flyer, then the hourly Watersider. Now, nothing at all. From feast to famine! Oh well back to just bluestar and the x7...

  3. Oops indeed! The S1 will run on Saturdays after all. I must have got confused with the 10. The post has been corrected.

  4. Where in shirley do i get the S2 to go to the RSH

    1. The S2 goes froms stops SH and SJ as shown on the map on this page: http://sotonbus.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/first-changes-focus-on-shirley.html

      Here are the timetabled departure times from SH: http://www.nextbuses.mobi/WebView/BusStopSearch/BusStopSearchResults/sohamat?searchType=route&searchFilter=S2