Thursday, 20 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Woolston

First are having a couple of roadshows about the changes to their routes, which take effect from 30th June. Details here.

Now we've covered the outer-lying parts of the city, let's concentrate on the four main corridors, starting today with Woolston.

Currently, First routes 1-6 inclusive run over the Itchen Bridge between town and Woolston. From 30th June, this changes to 3-6 and 11-13 inclusive. On the city side, Central Bridge is being abandoned, with all routes except the 5 running via Ocean Village. The only alternative to First is provided by Bluestar 3. Here is how the times are changing:

A mixed bag, but still a very frequent service apart from on Sunday evenings.

Find all of the new timetables for First's routes from 30th June here. See live timetabled departures for the stop on the Woolston side of Itchen Bridge, showing all buses heading into town here and for stop BD on Castle Way, from which most buses to Woolston leave town here.

Tomorrow: Bitterne


  1. These posts are starting to get extremely irritating and boring. Too much unnecessary and obvious information being presented in a long winded way!

    1. Don't come on here then....

  2. I disagree.

    If you do not like the comments then I suggest you stop reading them.

  3. theese posts are very helpful and usefull

  4. Sotonbus is doing an excellent job.

    I can't wait to see the post focus on Shirley.

    Big improvements specially in the evening services

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