Friday, 7 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Townhill Park & Merry Oak

On 30th June there are many changes to First's routes in Southampton. Today we look at the current 2 in the east of the city.

It provides the main link between Townhill Park and Bitterne...

...continuing via Merry Oak to Woolston and then over Itchen Bridge to town...

... and beyond to Central Station, Shirley, Millbrook and Lordshill.

From 30th June, the 2 on this side of the city becomes the 12, providing a through link to the General Hospital:

The above map that I've doctored isn't entirely accurate as the 12 will be running via Ocean Village rather then Central Bridge.

Here's how the timetable is changing between town and Townhill Park:

The main difference is that Sunday evening buses are cut from this route. This mainly affects Merry Oak as the rest of the route has alternative routes that do still run on Sunday evenings.

See the full new 12 timetable here.

Next up: Harefield and Peartree.

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