Tuesday, 4 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Adanac Park

Adanac Park, home to the Ordnance Survey, is currently served by First 1/1A. Roughly half of buses on these routes continue beyond Lordshill to Adanac Park.

From 30th June, the 1A will no longer exist and all buses on this route will be numbered 1. They will also only run as far as the city centre. If you want to continue to Weston, you'll need to change to the new 11. The 1's route will however remain unchanged on this side of the city.

The timetable will however change. Full details here. Here's a quick summary:

The main effect for commuters is that the last bus from Adanac Park on weekdays will leave 25 minutes earlier than it currently does.

Next up: Aldermoor Road

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