Friday, 14 June 2013

First changes: Focus on St Denys & Bitterne Park

First have new timetables on most routes from 30th June. Today we look at the 7 to Townhill Park.

The terminus loop around Townhill Park and Midanbury is shared with current route 2 (changing to the 12). The 7 provides the link to Portswood and then continues to town via Bevois Valley. It faces competition from Bluestar 16, which runs via Stag Gates.

The 7 is staying with the same route and has just some minor timetable changes. Here's the summary:

The Sunday daytime frequency is up to 4 buses per hour, making the 7 one of our city's most frequent routes on Sundays.

Full details of changes to all First routes from 30th June here and the 7 timetable here.

Next up: Hedge End, West End and Chartwell Green

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