Sunday, 16 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Bellemoor & General Hospital

There are new timetables and route changes to most of First's routes from 30th June. Today we look at Bellemoor and the General Hospital.

The 8A and 10 currently intertwine along Hill Lane and through Bellemoor on their way to the General.

From 30th June, the 8A is withdrawn from this side of the city. The 10 is being rerouted to partially replace it, but it will only run on weekdays.

First have released their new network map. Here's an extract showing how the 10 will run:

After Tauntons, the new 10 will run along Bellemoor Road, Luccombe Road, Winchester Road and Dale Road to the General Hospital, a more direct route than now.

Here's how the timetable is changing:

Bad news for anyone who needs to get to the General from town. The most useful route for that journey will become the 3 via Shirley. Don't forget that Velvet S2 is being redrawn too and that will offer another alternative for the General.

Find all of the new timetables on First here. New 10 here.

Next up: General Hospital to Totton

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