Sunday, 9 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Shirley Warren

Each day, we're looking at a route and area affected by First's changes that happen on 30th June. Today: route 3 between town and Lordshill.

Between Shirley and Lordshill, the 3 runs through Shirley Warren, where it is the only major route, past the General Hospital and round Lords Hill Way. That route on this side of the city is not changing and nor is the route number. Before getting to Woolston, it is being rerouted via Ocean Village, the blue box on this route map:

Here's the summary of how the timetable is changing:

No cuts here, just earlier first buses every day and later last buses Mon-Sats.

The 3 will gain in importance with the withdrawal of the 8A and the rerouting and cuts to the 10 - more on those in future posts. This will make the 3 the main bus route between the General Hospital and the City Centre.

Full details of the changes across First's network on 30th June here. New 3 timetable here.

Next up: Sholing (Kathleen Road)


  1. Have I missed something. Evening service from town to Shirley High St and vice versa.

    6 buses / hour = 1 bus every 10min!!

  2. First cocked up on Sunday eves though,as they`ve got 3 buses from Shirley to town ,in just over 10 mins,then nothing for nearly an hour!

  3. at Anonymous10 June 2013 19:22

    Well spotted

    Massive cock up.

    Do they actually use their brains at Empress Road?