Saturday, 15 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Hedge End, West End & Chartwell Green

First timetables are changing on most routes from 30th June. Today we look at the 8, 8A and 8B to Hedge End.

No change to the route on this side of the city, but the 8A will no longer run beyond town to the General Hospital.

The 8s face competition from Brijan 7 to West End and from Velvet A and Bluestar 3 to Hedge End. In the evenings, First 8B provides the link to Botley that is served by Bluestar 3 only in the daytimes.

Here's how the timetable is changing:

No major changes, just a few tweaks here and there.

See all the new timetables from 30th June here and that for the 8s here.

Next up: Bellemoor and the General Hospital


  1. First bus 26 paid for by HCC covers Botley during the daytime M-Sat on its way to Fareham from Hedge End Superstores on a one bus every 90 mins or so average frequency.
    However, First Southampton never publicize this fact, as the bus is run by First from the Hoeford depot in Fareham.
    Why the two depots do not talk to each other is a mystery!
    You need both the Fareham with Gosport timetable & the Southampton area timetable to be aware of both services.
    Someone at First Southampton please note that the 26 DOES EXIST!!! Put it in your Southampton booklet next to the 8/8A, so that passengers from Botley can use First tickets all day if they want to, to connect at Hedge End for First buses to Southampton !

  2. they have stopped the 8a going to the lords hill and therefore to get the 7.03am 8a from pound tree round (I live in Winchester Road) is to walk to Shirley or Lords Hill and get another bus to town. What a joke. First group state that the number 10 or S1 will make up the service to allow for this but as the first one of these doesn't arrive till after 7.30am then it's impossible to catch this early bus. No thought has been given and First groups response was "Sorry the changes haven't been beneficial to you" and they have offered me a refund on the remaining 6 months of my yearly pass. I notice that they have a meeting bus explaining the changes at the Bargate and in Shirley but as normal (gutless) they will only hold this during the week and between 10-4pm. Therefore the working people who will be affected are unable to attend. Once again truly spineless. Well done First group you have truly sunk lower than I thought you could!!!