Monday, 3 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Maybush & Coxford

The main route from Lordshill to town via Maybush and Coxford is currently First 1/1A. From 30th June, the 1A will disappear and all buses on this route will be numbered 1. Here's how it and the other routes currently run in this part of the city:

Of the other routes that pass through, First 2 will no longer run through Coxford, leaving Rownhams Road unserved, instead becoming a duplicate of Bluestar 18 between town and Millbrook. The 2A on this side of the city will be renumbered 12. Back to the main route though, First 1.

It's route isn't changing here, but its times are. Here's how:

Frequencies stay the same, but the first bus to town will be later on most days and the last bus from town will be earlier every day, will still no evening service. An evening service will be provided on new First 12 via Millbrook and of course on Bluestar 4 direct via Shirley.

Follow these links for the new timetables from 30th June:
First 1
First 12

Next up: Adanac Park.

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