Thursday, 13 June 2013

First changes: Focus on Netley & Hamble

First have new timetables on most routes from 30th June. Today, we look at the 6 to Hamble.

The route is unchanged and the peak hour variations are ironed out so that all buses will run via Ocean Village. Here's how the timetable is changing:

Weekday daytimes drop to 2 buses an hour, but Sunday daytimes double to the same amount. Testimony to the fact that in terms of people wanting to travel, Sunday isn't that special any more. Evenings change: instead of having an earlier finish Mon-Wed and later journeys only running Thurs-Sat, we have a thinner and uneven evening frequency running six days a week. The last Sunday bus from town will be earlier than it is now, but at 1950 is still not too bad for a Sunday when you consider how bad the cuts are elsewhere.

Find details of all the changes on First here and the new timetable for the 6 here.

Next up: Bitterne Park & St Denys

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  1. I work in West Quay shopping centre with a lot of other people who use the number 6 bus to and from hamble.Although the busses have been reinstated after 8.30 on certain evenings the new timings are awful!The majority of shops are open until eight o'clock and the bus is now scheduled for seven forty five to leave town, we then have to wait until nine o'clock for the next one.You can wait in West Quay until 8 30 then the doors close.The old timing of 8 30 of the previous timetable was so much better!
    You have kindly given West Quay employees a discounted monthly ticket could you please take a little time to hopefully rearrange the timing of the later busses? In the winter it will be horrendous standing at the bus stop and also the shops are open until 10 pm,the bus won't arrive til 11.
    Hoping you can give this some consideration.