Thursday, 3 March 2016

Higher frequency for Harefield

First have announced that the 13 will be doubled in frequency from 10th April, to half-hourly weekday daytimes.

This is after they cut it from every 20 minutes to hourly back in September.

Harefield will remain without any evening or Sunday services.

The reason they give for the backtrack is that one of their buses is freed up from them losing the City Council contract to run the Bitterne Hoppa services.

The Bitterne Hoppa transfers to Xelabus from the end of March and is cut from five to three days a week.


  1. Interesting to note that they are able to improve the 13 due to the lose of the Bitterne Hoppa contract.It should be noted the improvement is mondays to Fridays between about 0900 and 1400 and at all other times the timetable remains more or less as it does would seem to an outsider like myself,that had they have not lost the Hoppa contract there would have been no improvement.At least the vehicle will be better employed on the 13 and carry people unlike the Hoppa service which apart from the one that runs via Middle Road and North East Road run only with about two on or mostly empty.Under the new set up when it transfers to Xelabus in a completly revised form and runs just three days a week,can anyone work out the point of the revised Hoppa 3.It was only a few months ago they withdrew the X14 which served Valentine Avenue in Sholing but SCC have now decided to serve it again with one in my opinion pointless journey

  2. On traveline the 2 journey on the Hoppa 3 appears on the outbound area running 2 hours later.

  3. If you look at the new Hoppa 3 here is just one journey from the Sholing area to Bitterne and one return journey back.I would suspect as the service is designed to bring people into Bitterne to shop the first one outward will carry no one and the second journey on return will carry no one.I also suspect the journey back from Bitterne at about 1408 will carry no one as it only travels a short distance to Taunton Drive.Considering it's only a short walk along Commercial Street into Bitterne most people walk anyway