Monday, 7 March 2016

Blast from the past: 1978

Cleaning out some cupboards, I've found this old Southampton bus timetable from 1978:

More pages of it to follow, but to whet your appetite, here are some extracts of maps showing how our city's bus routes ran back then:

Nothing serving Lordswood I note.

The 18 still went to Thornhill back then!

Any requests as to which routes' timetables from 1978 you'd like to see. More maps to follow...


  1. The timetable makes for some very interesting reading if your in to that sort of thing....bearing i mind, Southampton City Transport had i fleet of about 170 buses, mostly Atlanteans, Hants & Dorset's Grosvenor Square must have had a vehicle allocation of about 100 buses, remember this was the pre MAP period and a bus station that had about 26 departure stands, how time change

  2. Indeed, an another interesting fact a comprehensive timetable that included all operators at a glance.Nowadays you have to hunt all over the place for information if you don't have the internet.At that time the 18 was a City Transport operation which worked in conjunction with Hants & Dorset service 88/88A.

  3. Great if you could publish times of buses towards Fareham and Gosport

  4. Would be interested to see how the no.18 ran back then.I would imagine that it`d be a twenty minute frequency back then.I found a city transport timetable the other day,it has the routes no.5 and no.16,back in the days when Sholing Butts road had a bus service to be proud of.

  5. The only downside to an interesting article is the lack of information as to who paid for these services.

    In the past it was largely national, now it is largely private.