Thursday, 5 April 2012

New First network: route S1 analysed

Old 21 is replaced by new S1 running to exactly the same route.

CORRECTION: There is a route change between the city centre and the RSH Hospital in order to serve Kingsway.

Comparing the times, there is absolutely no difference between the two. No change to old 21/new S1 at all.

There is just one improvement for Lordshill North in the form of a earlier weekday bus to town at 0635 on new 8A via General Hospital and Bellemoor. That's an hour before the first new S1 will run. There's also a new 8A in the evening that extends beyond its normal terminus at General Hospital to serve Lordshill North, departing town at 1748, over an hour after the last full-route new S1 leaves. It should be noted that those extended new 8As do not serve Lordswood, they run direct along Lordshill Way.

So that's it! We've covered the entire new First network. We'll monitor First's publicity and will let you know of any more details that are released. Please also leave a comment and let us know how the changes will affect you.

We'll have more analysis over the next few weeks.

Remember, these changes take effect on Sunday 29th April (a week earlier for new 4/4A/X4) and the new timetables can all be found here.


  1. Excellent analysis of the new First Network!

  2. Many tks for yr time & effort.Do you know if First's Bitterne Hoppa services B1,B2,B3 survive & continue after the 29th?

  3. Yes, the Bitterne Hoppa will survive unchanged. It's listed in the "Forthcoming timetables" section of First's website, even though nothing's changing about that service.