Monday, 23 April 2012

Feel the 4s!

This is the week of Southampton having not one, not two, but three route 4s!
Bluestar 4 to Romsey
First old 4 to Totton College via General Hospital
First new 4 to Gosport

This will end on Sunday, when all of First's routes in Southampton (apart from the new 4/4A/X4 and the Bitterne Hoppa B1/B2/B3) will be changing. See previous posts for full details.

First have been busy publicising the changes, but it is somewhat worrying that in the 'Timetable books' part of their website, you can still download out-of-date booklets for Southampton (OK, not too out-of-date this week, but they include the 72 and 80, which were withdrawn last weekend) and for Fareham, whose network was almost completely revised at the weekend.  Hopefully it won't lead to too many people being confused. They are having a stand outside M&S at West Quay on Thursday from 1000 to 1600 to answer any questions people have. Plus they're doing quite a good job of answering questions on their Facebook page.

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