Sunday, 1 April 2012

New First network: route 8A (west) analysed

New 8A will start at the General Hospital and head into town along a mish-mash of the old 4 and 5 routes. It's a bit awkward to explain, so here's First's rendition:
New 8A being the one in light-ish blue. If that still isn't clear enough, I've plotted the route onto Google Maps. By the way, either Upper Shirley has moved since I was last there or the people working on First's maps don't know the city as well as I do.

The routes in this part of the city are changing so much it's difficult to make a direct comparison. It's probably best to compare old 4 and 5 with new 8A and 10 in one go. I'll cover new 10 in more detail in a couple of days, but I'll include it when comparing the old and new service levels to the General Hospital:
An extra bus an hour on Saturday daytimes, but earlier last buses on Mon-Sats and still no evening service. In the evenings, you'd need to catch new 3 between the General and town, which runs via Shirley.

Looking at the routes, Dale Valley Road gains new 8A to go alongside old 21/new S1, while Dale Road loses it's old 5 to town without replacement but is just a short walk from alternatives. The Sports Centre gains an extra route (new 8A, 10 and S1 compared to old 4 and 21) and Bellemoor Road only had old 21 before so gains a quicker journey to town on new 8A.

The next direct comparison we can make is Hill Lane (Tauntons College) to town, measuring up old 4 and new 8A, which go the same way:
An improvement compared to now for Hill Lane.

These changes take place on Sunday 29th April. Full new timetables here.

Tomorrow, we'll cover new 8 and 8A between town and Hedge End.

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