Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New First network: route 10 analysed

The penultimate route now...

New 10 will run largely as per old 5 but with a few variations between town and the General Hospital and then as old 4 between there and Totton College. Here's the full route on Google Maps.

Let's compare old 5 and new 10 between town and Wilton Road, where they run to the same route with the exception of new 10 running via London Road and Carlton Crescent instead of Bedford Place (which will be served by new 5):
A general reduction here, although the Mon-Sat daytime hourly frequency is maintained. Last buses will run earlier and the first weekday bus will be later. Only the first Saturday bus is improved.

See my post on new 8A for the comparison of the old and new combined service levels between General Hospital and town.

From the General Hospital to Totton College, new 10 runs to the same route as old 4. So how do they compare?:
More cuts here. Where there are two times, the earlier first and later last buses only run as far as Totton Precinct, where the other time is the first/last bus through to/from Totton College. The weekday daytime frequency is halved to hourly and the last bus to Totton Precinct will be earlier than before. Saturdays are improved slightly with an earlier first bus and the last service now running all the way to Totton College. The M for the old 4 Sunday service means it only runs as far as Millbrook Tesco and does not serve Totton at all. New 10 won't run on Sundays at all.

The changes take effect from Sunday 29th April and the new timetables can be found here.

Next: new S1...

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