Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Buses on 27th, 28th & 29th December 2017

Here's how our region's buses will be running on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 27th to 29th December:

Bluestar: Saturday timetables on most routes, plus some extra morning buses. Normal school holiday weekday timetables apply on Quayconnect, B*6, 35, 36 (Thurs only), 39 (not Thurs), H1/H2 (not Thurs), T3/T4 (Thurs only)
Damory: Normal weekday school holiday service.
First PortsmouthSaturday levels of service on all routes, except routes 21/21A, 28/28A and D1/D2, which have a weekday service.
First Southampton: Saturday service.
First Wessex X54: No service.
First Bath 265: Saturday service.
More: Normal Saturday timetable on all routes except Routes X1, X2, 24, 38, 112, 119, 125, 191/193 and Cango, which will run to a Monday to Friday timetable
Salisbury Reds: Saturday service on X3 and Activ8. Weekday service on all other routes.
Stagecoach Portsmouth: Saturday service, except routes 37, 38 & Hoverbus which will run a weekday non-schoolday service
Stagecoach Winchester: Saturday service, except routes 6A (Weds/Fri), 46 & 63 (Weds/Fri) which will run a weekday service
Unilink: Vacation Saturday service with no night buses.
Xelabus: Normal Weekday service for Hoppa, X6, X7, X8 (Thurs/Fri), X12 (Thurs), X17 (Weds as usual, plus also running on Friday). Saturday service for X4, X9, X10, X11. Reduced service for Route X15No service for Route X5
Yellow: Saturday service.

Look up the exact timetable for any particular day on Traveline.

Saturday 30th December sees a normal Saturday service on all routes.

See details of all festive service changes across the region here.


  1. Chaos again and on the trains in the Southampton area.Glad when everything is back to normal.

    1. Drives me up the wall as well .If I had my way they would all have to operate a normal Wednesday service.

    2. Part of the reason for the Saturday service is timings. Many services these days have huge amounts of extra peak running time for weekday rush hour traffic. Between Christmas and New Year that traffic simply isn't there, making the weekday timetable impractical. Buses would have to be crawling around at walking pace or waiting time for 5 or 10 minutes at a time!

    3. Operators like Bluestar do change their timetables for school holidays,to accommodate for the fact there will be less traffic anyway.

    4. They do on some routes in the morning but not all, and they don't in the afternoon. Compare the weekday and Saturday running times on almost any main route and you will see the issue.

  2. Better idea still would be for councils to get their acts together and give buses priority so they were faster in the peaks.

    1. I can think of several roads in Southampton which once had bus lanes, but no longer have them even though buses still go that way, and the Chessel area had its bus service removed so that bus lane became redundant. So much for encouraging people to use public transport in order to do their bit for 'saving the planet'!!

    2. According to Buses magazine First are concentrating investment such as new bus supply in areas where local authorities are making active efforts to reduce congestion and increase bus priority. Argument being that increased costs of maintaining frequencies whilst stretching timetables is the biggest thing affecting profits.

      Ironically in Southampton First's ever decreasing network is now proportionally more focussed on the road out of Woolston, probably the biggest congestion hotspot in the city.

  3. Riding on the 17 on boxing Day, I was amazed at how many first 3 customers had no idea that they stopped early that night. Bluestar made an absolute killing by staying out there and made lots of new friends and customers. So interesting how first think that they make more money by having their vehicles sat in the depot!