Monday, 7 October 2013

Wheelers expands

Wheelers have announced some new routes starting 18th November. Full details of the routes are yet to be announced, but here is what we know:

  • W2: Competition for Bluestar 1 between Chandlers Ford and Southampton via Bassett.
  • W3: Competition for Bluestar 2 between Eastleigh and Southampton via Portswood.
  • W4: New route between Winchester and Salisbury via Stockbridge, just outside this blog's patch.
  • W5: New route between Romsey and Stockbridge. Possibly just a school run.

More as we get it. While we wish them well, if the W2 and W3 in particular are mere duplications of Bluestar routes, then it's only a matter of time before Bluestar retaliate. Assuming that is, they're not pre-occupied with the war on First currently in full swing in Millbrook and Townhill Park. One can't help thinking that the Swaythling corridor in particular is already rather crowded with First and Unilink already running alongside Bluestar. If the W3 is going to run fast along the A335 between Portswood and Eastleigh, it might have a chance, but then again Velvet have already tried that and found out that the train is the established quick choice for Eastleigh folk heading to Southampton.

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  1. Seems that W2 will be off-peak Monday to Friday service going via Winchester Road and Hill Lane it does seem an odd route.

    1. Good news for the residents of Hill Lane, who have seen over the past few years their bus services decipated by Firstbus and Southampton City Council.