Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Chapel correction & other diversions

Chapel is still being served by First 5, contrary to the last post. Apologies for any confusion caused. I blame the vague description on First's website:

To help make sense of it, look at the map. Saltmarsh Road and Canute Road could be interpreted as travelling towards Queens Park as per the other Woolston routes. But what is actually meant is this:

The usual route is in blue and the diversion is in green. OK, it does serve Saltmarsh Road but then it turns left heading into town onto Canute Road (all other routes turn right). First forgot to mention that it continues onto Endle Street before turning right onto Albert Road North and resuming its usual route. Thanks to PAC, whose comment on the last post pointed me in the right direction!

Other diversions are in operation in Thornhill, the top end of Swaythling, Fair Oak and ... what's this? According to Bluestar, Saltmarsh Road is closed for a few days so all of their Woolston buses (that'll be the 3) are running via Central Bridge. Anyone know what First 5 has been doing there since Monday?


  1. First 5 should be operating as now shown by your map, and Bluestar 3 should be running its normal route via Canute Road,Royal Crescent Road and Saltmarsh Road in each direction. You will also note that on the Firstbus website the new timetable for service 3 is now shown under forthcoming timetables,, but with two versions. If you click on the first version it shows you the present timetable and if you click on the second version it shows the new timetable from late November. As I write this website seems to be a confusing mess for any intending passenger trying to sort out old times from new times that the first version shows timetables from November 2013 until 2015 and the second version shows times from November 2013 until further notice.
    The version November 2013 until 2015 are the present times until the changeover, and the version from November 2013 until further notice are the new revised times. Just another version of Firstbus and sometimes shoddy publicity. You will also note that if you view current timetables that service 3 in Southampton has disappeared and as stated above now appears under the first version of forthcoming timetables. PAC

  2. I note that since My observations yesterday about the Firstbus website regarding service 3 revisions in Southampton, from 0800 this morning 31st October 2013 they have now corrected the website, ant it now reads as it should be. PAC