Thursday, 3 October 2013

Totton diversions / First 3 to change

First 3 gets a new timetable from 24th November. I can't add it to the panel on the right due to an error with Google Blogger. Hopefully they'll have it sorted out soon otherwise I'll have to remove the panel.

There are diversions to routes through Totton after 2000 each night until 12th October. Bluestar 8 and 12 will be affected. Bluestar mention the 11 too but it doesn't run after 2000 so will not be affected.

1 comment:

  1. Bluestar really are behind the game here. This has been on since Monday, but they have only started publishing this today. Even their drivers have not been briefed about it. As stated, they dont even seem to know that the 11 doesnt run at the time of night affected, and there is no mention that the works are suspended each weekend, although no-one seems able to tell whether the weekend starts on Friday (in which case Nightstar services would be affected), or Saturday. I have to wonder whether the person doing this job, is really up to it?