Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Unilink U6 to go double deck and avoid Swaythling Arch

Unilink U6 is being upgraded to double decker buses from 16th June. Its route in Swaythling is changing in order to avoid the low railway bridge, Swaythling Arch. Here's how the U6 currently runs through Swaythling. Swaythling Arch is the red circle:

And here's how it will run from 16th June:

It will no longer serve Wessex Lane or Langhorn Road, both of which will still be served by the U1. It will however serve High Road and Swaythling's part of Burgess Road in both directions.

There will also be a new timetable, both on the U6 and U2, from that date. We'll let you know as soon as that is out.


  1. What a stupid idea. Many uni students live in that area and this will have an effect on the U6 with more people getting the U1. Making double deckers not necessary on the U6 and triple deckers would need to be put on the (already) overcrowded U1.

  2. The U1 is being increased to 7/8 mins but only half will go to the airport, the rest finish at Wessex lane.