Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New First timetables preview

First haven't published their new timetables that take effect on 30th June yet, but they have registered them with the authorities, so most of them are viewable on Traveline. Here's what I found:

No timetables yet for the 1 and new 11.

New 2 will run every 6 mins weekday daytimes and run to the exact same route as Bluestar 18 between town and Millbrook. This takes the Millbrook bus war head-to-head.

New 12 will run to the same route as old 2 between town and Townhill Park and old 2A between town and Lordshill.

New 13 will replace old 2A between town and Hightown via Harefield.

The 5 is rerouted to serve The Avenue and London Road again instead of Banister Road and Bedford Place.

The 9 loses its evening service.

The 10 will no longer run on Saturdays.

The S1 will continue, but with a new route to partially replace Velvet S2. More on that as we get it.

To see the new timetables for most of the above routes, use the journey planner at Traveline to plan a journey for after 30th June and click on the timetable button next to the route you need in the results.


  1. I heard from a velvet driver that First will be running the new route after putting in a rock bottom crazy price.

    The 1 has no change but 11 does not serve Jurds lake way and there is an improved sunday to Weston, all in all this changes seems like a backwards step which is a real shame for the city. with first copying the 18 it seems they have run out of original ideas and are just copying the lead operator.

  2. There is also the R1 which will run Woolston to Weston via Jurds

  3. Bad move from First copying the 18s.

    I am the anon that in previous post praised First for the well designed network.

    But this time I have to say what a shame to see these network changes. If it is the case of reliability, why not just give more running time to the 2,2A and 3s to improve reliability instead of of chopping the routes in 2?

  4. I wonder if BS will branch out & take on First on other main routes say the X4 as retaliation?

    1. Would they though?
      Considering the 4/4a/x4 aren't First Southampton routes....

    2. But they are promoted in the timetable book for Southampton. Ok they run from Hoeford depot, so First would have to, if they wanted to incr freq on the "4's" think carefully how to do it as Hoeford nr enough at max capacity.

  5. S2 lives on !!! But in changed form. http://velvetbus.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/S2-timetable-01-07-13.pdf