Tuesday, 21 May 2013

W1 route details / Summer solstice special

You may have noticed in the panel on the right that a new service, Wheelers W1, starts running between Southampton and Romsey from 1st July. We now have more details of its route. Councillor Asa Thorpe (Labour, Millbrook) is Southampton City Council's cabinet member for environment and transport and has revealed on his blog that within the city, the W1 will replace Bluestar P1, which is being withdrawn. The W1 will therefore run via Westwood Road and Highfield Lane before proceeding to Chilworth and then on to Romsey. It's not yet clear whether it will run via Glen Eyre, but that area is already served by Unilink U2. More on the W1 as we get it.

Salisbury Reds have revealed their plans to get you to Stonehenge for the summer solstice, should you want to go. You can find their special timetable for the night of Thursday 20th June here.


  1. Did e-mail Wheelers last week ,enquiring about the W1,but no-one bothered to e-mail back.charming!!

  2. There will a National Bus Company Running Day and Rally Plus indoor Transport Fair & Open Day in Winchester on Bank Holiday Monday the 27th May.

    It is being held with help from Stagecoach who are opening their depot to the public.

    The indoor Transport Fair is to be held in the Winchester Vineyard Centre, which is next door to Stagecoach’s Depot. The Vineyard Centre is worth a visit in it’s own right.

    The Rally itself will take place in the Park and Ride car park at Bar End, Winchester.



  3. Delighted to hear the route. I did fear it was going to be a Romsey to Southampton express route, which would have been a confrontation with Bluestar (and all the fun that would go with it, no doubt), but this looks like a bigger waste of time than I thought it would be....

  4. I was hoping it would be a Romsey-Southampton express route, but it seems that no-one can afford to or is willing to truly innovate in Southampton.

  5. There already is an express route between Southampton and Romsey though. It's provided by the train. Three per hour in the daytimes.

    1. Good point! I think most of us "bus nuts" often forget the train service!

    2. Its also worth remembering ,that on bank holidays,the trains between Southampton and Romsey are generally on a weekday service,NOTa Sunday service ,like Bluestar!!!!

  6. Fast trains are twice an hour!!!The other is just as slow as the bus!

  7. Quite true, the effective train service is every half hour, but Southampton Central isn't that central, and half of Romsey is not that close to the station there, so add on at least ten minutes to the train travel time at either end, and suddenly a direct bus service doesn't seem as superfluous after all.

  8. Do we know the frequency yet and whether it will run during the peaks given the P1 is off peak only. Does seem an odd move to extend an essentially local service that the P1 provides with a longer distance route to Romsey, not sure the Romsey to Highfield market really deserves a direct bus!

    1. I think thats an easy one to answer! Romsey to Highfield will do nothing at all. It just seems to me that the new operator already feels that the route wont pay its way, so is hoping to susidise it by accepting concession passes. Based on the Bluestar experience, it wont pay for the diesel, let alone the drivers wages, wear and tear, maint, insurance etc. Bet this route wont even last until Christmas. It reminds me of the First attempt to update the old Hants and Dorset 35 service (with the X2). I travel on the 4 route regularly, and very few passengers make the entire trip. Some from Shirley, some from Lordshill, and many from Baddesley. The W1 serves none of these..... Doomed!

    2. Operators of local bus services must accept concession passes by law so Wheelers had no choice on that one once they had decided to register the route. I wonder if Southampton CC are paying them to run via Westwood and Highfield Roads?

    3. In the Portswood/Highfield area, St Denys and Swaythling stations have a fairly direct train service to Romsey via Chandlers Ford. In terms of Southampton-Romsey bus services, Hants and Dorset route 60 would look a better bet. This could be achieved by extending some Bluestar 12 services from Calmore roundabout to Romsey (about a 15-minute journey), linking the towns of Totton and Romsey. This could reduce bus travel times between Romsey and Totton/Hythe/Lyndhurst etc by 30-60 minutes through reducing the need to travel via Southampton. If one bus an hour were extended from Calmore to Romsey, and looped through Woodley, it would give the northern side of Romsey a direct West Quay service.

  9. While we are talking about buses to and from places
    such as Romsey, Salisbury and Wiltshire. Perhaps I
    could point out that Stagecoach run a very useful
    early morning weekday bus from Salisbury (7.05 am)to Winchester via Romsey. It returns again from Winchester (4.45 pm), back via Romsey,to Salisbury in the late afternoon.

    The bus runs on Peter Symonds College days and like
    all Stagecoach buses ( and Velvet for that matter )
    is open to the public. The route number is PS3 and
    the full timetable can be found on both Stagecoach
    and the colleges web sites. The college web site also
    shows the days when the college is open and therefore the days the bus runs. If one wishes to go into the centre of Winchester then a change can be made on Romsey Rd to No 5 ( every 10 mins ) or at the college to PS6 or PS5.

    Another useful bus is the PS1.

    The PS1 leaves Romsey at 9.20 am and runs to
    Winchester bus station, via North Baddesley, Valley Park, North Miller Dale, Hiltingbury, and the college. It returns from Winchester bus station at 2.45 pm, Hiltingbury 3.17 pm, North Millers Dale 3.23 pm, Valley Park 3.35 pm, arriving at Romsey 3.55 pm.

    When combined with the 46 the PS1 gives the residents of Valley Park and Hiltingbury a useful link with Winchester.

    The afternoon PS1 bus from Hiltingbury to Romsey gives the residents of Hiltingbury the chance to get directly to Romsey once a day. They can return via Hursley using the 66 and 46.



    1. As with all Stagecoach buses remember
      to signal clearly if you wish the bus to
      stop for you. That is particularly important
      if more than one service uses the bus stop
      you are standing at.

  10. The W1 runs from Romsey - Woodley - North Baddesley - Chilworth - The Avenue - Highfield - Portswood - Westwood Road - Southampton and runs hourly Monday to Saturday