Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lymington Bus Station for sale

More have announced that they want to sell Lymington Bus Station. Once a buyer is found, the buses will move to stops on the High Street.

Map provided by Hampshire County Council

Some may wonder how Lymington has managed to hold on to its bus station for so long, when Southampton lost its bus station decades ago.

Take a look at Lymington Bus Station's NextBuses departure boards to see how few buses serve the place now:
Stand A
Stand C
Stand D
Stand E

What are your experiences of visiting Lymington by bus? Does the lack of evening services put you off, push you on to the train or make you decide to go elsewhere? And why is there no stand B?


  1. Surely this will cause chaos in the High Street, especially on market day?

    1. Thats what i thought it might just add extra chaos

  2. Ringwood bus depot has also been sold but this has not been made public yet

  3. I hear Ringwood is closing as a depot by virtue of the sale of the depot.

  4. Already sold - planning application from Churchill retirement homes to go in shortly

  5. Thing is, will Ringwood be relocated, perhaps to one of the industrial/business parks, none of which are as handy for driver changes, but not needing to negotiate high street market day throngs and festive closures. Nothing official yet, but the recent tragedy on the A31 and other incidents there raises voices calling for the West Street junction to be closed.

    Or will the bosses decide that no depot presence is needed anywhere near by?

  6. Ringwood could be seen by management as a depot thats not really needed.
    X3 could be run by Bournemouth or Salisbury
    X6 could be run by Bournemouth or Poole
    175 could be run by Lymington & shoppers journeys already are.
    All that leaves is the 38 as the 40 & 40a are to go later in the year anyway.
    Most of the school and college buses could also be operated from other depots without too much additional mileage involved.

  7. And I suppose the extra mileage would be of insignificant cost vs the capital gains from the site value and other efficiencies.

  8. for example some of the inefficiencies at Ringwood

    693 Burgate school bus, bus operates out of service from Ringwood to Salisbury to start route in Salisbury, if ran from Salisbury less mileage involved.

  9. Is Lymington garage next to the town station also going?

  10. Can any bright planner tell me where the drivers are going take their rest breaks .or is this of no importance to the bosses?