Friday, 14 October 2011

W&D new timetables for Romsey & New Forest

Wilts & Dorset have released the new timetables for those of their routes that are changing on Sunday 23rd October:

X1/X2 Lymington-Bournemouth

34 Romsey-Salisbury
Service is significantly reduced. Here's the new timetable.

35 Romsey-Braishfield
Rerouted and retimed to partially replace axed route 30. New timetable.

36 Romsey-Lockerley
No longer runs through to Salisbury. The non-schools journeys that aren't being withdrawn will only run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. New timetable.

112 Hythe-Lymington
Non-schools journeys will only run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Most journeys will only run between Lymington and Beaulieu, with only one return journey to Hythe on the days of operation. It is no longer possible to use the bus from Hythe to visit the National Motor Museum. New timetable.

118 Lymington-Ringwood
Remains at one journey a week in each direction. The journey from Lymington now departs Wednesdays at 0953. Rerouted to run via Sopley and the Avon Valley instead of Burley. New timetable.

119 Lymington-New Milton
The frequency is cut from half-hourly to hourly, but the route is extended from Pennington to New Milton. New timetable.

What W&D have forgotten to put on their website are the changes to the X7 and X71 between Southampton and Salisbury. Several journeys, including the first and last journey of the day Mon-Sat are being cut. On Sundays, the X71 is being replaced with the X7 running to the same route as on Mon-Sats, meaning Cadnam loses its Sunday service. Here's the new timetable.


  1. No X7 Sunday service shown on that timetable. Has it been cut completely?

  2. The above link for the X7 seems to be dead now. The one on W&D's website ( forgets Sundays too. But the timetable on Traveline says there are three journeys each way on Sundays ( My guess is that W&D forgot about it because before the change the Sunday service was provided by route X71 via Cadnam.