Monday, 10 October 2011

New Bluestar timetables published

Bluestar have now released their new timetables, that take affect from Sunday 23rd October. The main changes are summarised in the previous post, but we now also know the following:

1 Southampton-Winchester
New timetable with minor changes.

6 Southampton-Lymington
This route will still run every half an hour (Mon-Sat daytimes) between the city centre and Rushington (Cocklydown Lane) only. One bus an hour will continue beyond there to Lymington. The two-hourly Sunday service is unchanged.

8 Southampton-Hythe
The route is changed between Marchwood and Hythe with some journeys skipping Hythe Hospital, running instead direct from Applemore into Hythe. Those journeys will instead serve the hospital on the outbound journey from Hythe. Or vice versa.

10/11 Southampton-Cadnam
The half-hourly frequency is maintained between the city centre and West Totton. One bus an hour will then continue to Cadnam, via either the 10 or 11 route, meaning each section of this part of the route will have a 2-hour frequency.

12 Southampton-Calmore
Sunday evening services are not withdrawn, but they will end earlier than before. Last Sunday bus from town will be at 2105 instead of 2310.

P1 City Centre-Glen Eyre
The first journey from town will be an hour later than it currently is on the 14. Journeys to town are unchanged apart from the fact that they no longer serve Bitterne, Chartwell Green, Mansbridge or Swaythling.

18 Millbrook-Thornhill
The headline 7/8 minute frequency will now start half an hour earlier, meaning more morning rush hour buses.

E1/E2 Eastleigh-Winchester
All buses will run via St Cross, Stanmore and County Hospital in Winchester. Some additional short journeys will run between Eastleigh and Boyatt Wood to give a half-hourly frequency for part of the day.

H1/H2 Hythe circular
These already infrequent services will start later and end earlier than they currently do.

See the post below for other changes. The full timetables are here.

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