Friday, 7 October 2011

Hedge Enders : Brijan 15 on the way

We're pleased to have been proven wrong about the number of the new Brijan Tours route that will run between Hedge End and Hamble, split away from First 26. From Monday 17th October, it will be route 15. Timetable here. There will be 7 journeys towards Hamble and 8 towards Hedge End on weekdays and 6 each way on Saturdays, running roughly every 2 hours. That's the same service level as today. So why the change of operator? Hampshire County Council documents we've seen suggest that First are currently charging the council more subsidy to use a low-floor bus than Brijan will charge for using an older, high-floor bus. So the council's made the switch and anyone who needs to get a wheelchair or pushchair onto the bus between Hamble & Hedge End won't be able to in future.

Meanwhile, the banks who made the cuts necessary by being bailed out with billions of pounds of taxpayers' money seemingly get to carry on regardless.


  1. HCC claimed that their surveys showed that no one travelled "over" Sainsburys/M&S between Fareahm & Hamble.
    However on one trip (I was on it) there were 6 people staying on the bus from Hamble direction when it passed Sainsb/M&S!
    HCC also told me that "connections"
    would be maintained at Sainsb/M&S between the 26 & the 26! I pointed out that it would be rather confusing for two 26's & then I got an email from Brijan (thanks guys) that it would in fact be the 15 but the timetable was changed & there are negligable connections now between the 26 & the 15!

  2. The connections certainly haven't been maintained. A look at the timetables shows more missed connection opportunities than ones that are actually possible (assuming the incoming bus isn't late). Whoever at HCC drew up the new timetable for the 26 quite obviously doesn't actually use buses themselves.