Monday, 28 December 2015

Tuesday & Wednesday's bus services

Here's how our region's buses are running on Tuesday and Wednesday:

BluestarEnhanced Saturday service, except for route 6, which will have a weekday service.

First: Saturday service, except for routes B1/B2/B3, which will have a weekday service.

More: Normal weekday service on Lymington routes.

Stagecoach: Saturday service, except for route 46, which will have a weekday service. The 36 will run on Tuesday only.

Xelabus, Salisbury Reds: Normal weekday service.

Unilink: Vacation Saturday service with no night buses.

Tues: Wheelers W1/W1A: Route & timetable change.

Weds: Xelabus X14: Final day of operation.


  1. Funny how operators are so keen to change their times now,but come Easter Sunday,when all the stores are shut and buses are running a normal Sunday service,with empty buses,they can`t be bothered to change the level of service(or at least that`s how a bystander sees it!).Easter Sunday is there every year,just like New Years day,so i wonder why bus operators don`t adapt at Easter,as they do at Christmas/New Year.

    1. Quite agree,a lot of wasted milage on Easter Sunday,and buses running round empty.

    2. Buses on Easter Sunday are certainly quiet, but not 'that' quiet. People don't only use Sunday buses to go shopping! It certainly isn't as quiet as New Years Day.

      There is also the problem of how it would be communicated to passengers. As Easter Sunday always falls on a Sunday (obviously!), I expect a lot of people would be caught out if anything other than a Sunday service was operated. People generally know that services will be different over the Christmas period and check accordingly, but to many people Easter Sunday is just a Sunday that happens to have a name.

      Having said that, it will certainly become more of an issue in future if frequencies during Sunday shopping hours continue to increase.

    3. Shouldn`t be a problem communicating it to passengers ,as passengers expect a reduced level of service on Good Friday and Easter Monday.