Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year's Eve bus services / Dinner For One

Here's how our region's buses are running on New Year's Eve, Thursday 31st December 2015:

New Year's Eve 31st December:

Bluestar: Enhanced Saturday service, except for route 6, which will have a weekday service.

First: Saturday service with early finish, except for routes B1/B2/B3, which will have a weekday service.

More: Normal weekday service on Lymington routes.

Salisbury Reds: Normal weekday service.

Stagecoach: Saturday service, except for route 46, which will have a Thursday service.

Xelabus: Weekday service with early finish.

Unilink: Vacation Saturday service with early finish and no night buses.

Here are the times of your last buses on routes of those operators finishing early tonight:


Service X4 – 1845 from Eastleigh Bus Station
Service X7 – 2015 from Eastleigh Bus Station
Service X8 – 2000 from Eastleigh Bus Station

U1A 2105 Southampton Central Station
U1C 2105 Airport Parkway Station
U6C 2035 Southampton General Hospital
U6H 2034 NOCS

It's a tradition in many countries, including Germany, to watch this British comedy sketch on New Year's Eve. Today it will be broadcast several times in many countries. In my vain attempt to introduce it to the country that produced it, here is Dinner For One:


  1. I know I'm showing my age, but is the tiger a Leyland Tiger or one of its cousins, the Royal Tiger or Tiger Cub?

  2. so despite first changing their timetables,from next week,they are then making more changes to services 3,8 and 10 in February.First are an utter joke!

    1. I wonder if the 8 will stop serving Hedge End Train Station.