Wednesday, 12 February 2014

False alarm in Hiltingbury / Hedge End diversion tomorrow / Bluestar tickets go up

False alarm! Xelabus C3 and C4 are safe. Phil Blair from Xelabus confirmed in a comment on this blog that the confusion is down to an administrative error at the traffic commissioner's office. It's only the 505 school bus that is being cancelled.

Tomorrow (Thursday) there are roadworks on Heath House Lane in Hedge End, meaning diversions to Bluestar 3 and Velvet A.

Bluestar period tickets are going up as of 23rd February. See the new prices here. As always, you pay less if you buy you ticket on The Key or the Bluestar mobile app.


  1. Its a pity the fares are still rising - I gave up using Bluestar when they got rid of the Eastleigh zone and replaced it with the Southampton plus at £5 a week more. Rising fares looses passengers

  2. Do you mean loses? Rising prices are a fact of life, whatever industry you buy from, and unless the rises are ridiculous, they seldom have any impact on the amount of business. Its well over a year since the last rise, and this one looks tiny and perfectly reasonable.