Friday, 15 November 2013

New routes launch Monday

Don't forget Wheelers' new routes launch on Monday. There are new direct routes from Southampton City Centre to Hill Lane, Valley Park, Hiltingbury, Boyatt Wood and Eastleigh as well as a route from Stockbridge to Romsey.

Full details including timetables and route maps in this post.

We wish them the best of luck.


  1. Wish Wheelers the best of luck with their new routes.

    Their website does not mention these routes yet !!

    Has anyone tried to work out their W1 route in the Baddesley area - never come across anything so confusing as their stop names eg NE bound -
    does the route really go 1.5 times round the Fleming road loop ?


  2. May I add My good luck wishes to Wheelers in the start of their new services as from 18th November 2013. It does seem that the W1 does do a curious circuit in North Baddesley presumeably to keep the Southampton bound service the same side of the road as Bluestar 4 and the Romsey bound service the same side of the road as Bluestar 4 in Fleming Avenue PAC

  3. W2

    I am sorry to have to tell you that in October Traveline uploaded an
    incorrect timetable onto their site for this bus. One which cannot
    possibly work.

    About 10 days ago they replaced it with the correct one.

    Unfortunately the one on the bus blog site is in fact the wrong one.

    Please can we have a correction made to your link.


  4. Imagine the slagging off from the armchair transport managers on here if one of the big boys hadn't published their new timetables by the first date of operation...

  5. Well in this day and age it is a bit poor. Perhaps the office chair transport managers need to realise it is about marketing what you offer,not just running shiny buses about for fun.

  6. W2

    I like most people, who look at this web site, wish
    Wheelers well with their new bus routes.

    But I have to say that the half a dozen people living
    on North Millers Dale who turned out to catch the
    10.30 am W2 this morning went home again at
    11.05 am very disappointed .


    1. What did Wheelers have to say about the failure of this journey? I must assume that you phoned them at some stage to enquire why it had not operated. PAC

    2. W2

      Sorry for the delay in replying. Not enough hours
      in the day.

      Yes, I did ring Wheelers. At 11.06 am. The chap
      I spoke to said he would have a good look into
      what was going on. I didn’t bother to ask him
      to ring me back. I just left it with him.

      The next day one of the drivers spoke to my wife.
      It appears that the chap I spoke to immediately
      got into his car and went down to Valley Park
      and met the bus on it’s way back to check
      that the driver understood the route.

      We are not 100% sure what happened to our
      particular bus, but we think the driver missed
      North Millers Dale out and drove up Hursley Rd
      to the traffic lights and then turned into Baddesley
      I think if a driver is not concentrating on what
      he is doing it is quite easy to miss our turning and
      do that.

      Luckily the Stagecoach PS1 to Winchester through
      North Millers Dale has so far managed to including
      us in its daily journeys. I can well recommend the
      PS1 to the residents of Hiltingbury, North Millers
      Dale and Valley Park for journeys to Winchester.
      Very useful.

    3. How nice to know that someone at Wheelers acted fast too correct the situation so that it would hopefully not happen again. I agree with you that it is more than likely that the driver missed the North Millers Dale turn,continued to the traffic lights at Hursley/Hiltingbury Road,then left into Baddesley Road. Over the first week of operation of service W2 and W3, I have noted at the Southampton end all journeys, when I have been in the area, arrive and depart more or less when they should do. Let's hope the public in the areas served by these new routes support the operations. PAC