Saturday, 25 August 2012

Velvet 46 temporary timetable / Sunday service on Monday / Xela cuts

Velvet are taking over the Stagecoach journeys on the 46. New temporary timetable here. Hampshire County Council have still to decide what will happen to that route after 28th September.

Don't forget Monday is a bank holiday, so all buses will be running to a Sunday service.

Xelabus X3 launches on Tuesday, running to the same route as the X5, which runs for the last time today, but to a greatly reduced timetable. X3 timetable here:


  1. X3 link not working

  2. Cleary some of the people who follow
    this site have a great deal of knowledge
    about buses in general.

    So could one of you experts please explain
    the following:-

    If the VOSA web site shows that Velvet’s
    registration for the 46 has been cancelled
    with effect from the 5th October 2012.

    Why are Velvet so insistent that they are
    going to walk away from the 46 on
    the 28th September 2012. ????

    Why are they not providing buses from
    Monday 1st October 2012 to Thursday
    4th October 2012. ????