Monday, 20 August 2012

Bluestar 16 route snippet / Stagecoach 69 new timetable

Bluestar have officially announced route 16, which will run between town and Townhill Park from 30th September. It will run every 20 minutes Mon-Sat daytimes and half-hourly on Sundays. The full route is still uncertain but they have revealed that the 16 will serve Cobden Avenue and Wakefield Road. Between the two, it still isn't clear whether it will serve Mousehole Lane or Witts Hill and Midanbury Lane or maybe an alternative route. More as we get it.

Stagecoach have released the new timetable for the 69, which starts on 2nd September.


  1. Portswood will be flooded with direct buses to town in the same fashion as Shirley from 7 September with at least 3.bs2+3bs7+8.first7+2.firs5+3.uni6 = 19

    this is 19 buses/hour not counting U1 that is not a direct link to town.

    19buses/60min = approx 1 bus every 3 minutes

  2. ops i mean 3.bs16