Saturday, 31 March 2012

New First network: route 7 analysed

New 7 will run the exact same route as old 3 between town and Townhill Park. All there is to compare are the old and new timetables:
The new Mon-Sat evening frequency is half-hourly before 2100 and hourly after. This improvement seems to be to maintain a decent frequency to Portswood (new 5/old 7 is having all its evening journeys cut) and the benefit to Townhill Park is coincidental. The Saturday daytime frequency is back up to 10 mins, in line with weekdays. The last bus will run later each night, including almost 90 minutes later than currently on Sundays. The only negative is a later first bus on Saturdays, but that is only by 8 minutes.

A definite thumbs up for new 7.

These changes happen on Sunday 29th April and the full new timetables can be found here.

Next: New 8 and 8A...

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